Panera Employee Shows How Its Famous Green Teas Are Made: 'So Surprised'

A Panera Bread worker has shared what goes into the restaurant chain's popular green tea, in response to requests from his followers.

Panera worker Dylan Smith uses his TikTok account to share what goes on behind the scenes, posting lighthearted videos on secret menu items and food.

At the request of his followers, however, he shared how the chain's famous green tea drink is made—and the video ended up going viral. Since his November 22 upload, Smith has gained over 1.1 million views and 104,000 likes.

The green tea drink is a popular item at Panera, which gets rave reviews from regular customers—hence their eagerness to discover how it's made and whether they can replicate the taste at home.

As shown by Smith in his video, the drink is simply made from a tea concentrate that is then mixed with water. According to comments left by Smith, they often use sink water to mix it.

The concentrate used is the passion fruit papaya green tea by the brand The Republic of Tea. It doesn't openly retail on the company's site, however, which simply sells passion fruit papaya black tea bags instead.


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According to one comment, the brand does sell it at a commercial level and the product can be ordered by phone. Newsweek has contacted The Republic of Tea for more information.

"As a former Panera worker, take a spoonful of the concentrate if you start getting sleepy," advised one TikTok user.

"I will apply to Panera just to drink the concentrate out of the bottle," added another.

Another user commented that they were: "So surprised that Panera uses Republic of Tea."

Smith also used his TikTok account to shed light on how other drinks are made at the restaurants. The strawberry smoothie, for example, is made with 8 ounces of a puree, two scoops of Greek yoghurt and ice.

Secret Recipe

In 2019, another Panera employee showed millions the secret behind the chain's famous Mac and Cheese, and was allegedly fired for it.

The employee shared a clip showing the mac and cheese being cooked in a bag.

A spokesperson for Panera told CNN that it doesn't comment on personal matters, but said that meals are shipped frozen so as to leave out many preservatives.

"Mac and cheese is made off-site with our proprietary recipe developed by our chefs and using our sourced ingredients that meet our standards for our clean menu offerings," said the spokesperson.

Panera bread front
A Panera Bread sign is seen at the Walt Whitman Mall on March 26, 2020, in Huntington Station, New York. Bruce Bennett/Getty Images