Sad Cat 'Going Through It' in Shower Sparks Laughter With Dramatic Display

The adorable yet hilarious way a viral cat has handled "going through" her emotions has pleased online, as the moment gained over 3.9 million views on TikTok.

Katie Behr's cat Pym is affectionately dubbed "the shower cat" by both her owner and fans online, as unlike other cats who tend to hate water, she loves it.

Seemingly, Pym even uses the shower just how humans do at times—to cope with those sad times, feeling like we're in a movie or music video of some kind.


Just when I think it’s getting boring she pulls out a move like this. I have no words. #pym #showercat #pymtheshowercat #BBPlayDate

♬ Unwritten - Natasha Bedingfield

To the tune of Natasha Bedingfield's "Unwritten," Pym was captured having a dramatic moment in which she suddenly turned and dunked her head underneath the running water, leaving it there to soak. The video can be seen here.

Such behavior is bizarre for a cat, a species that is relatively known to dislike water, prompting viewers to suggest that the cat was "going through" something emotionally.

"Trust sis, we've all been there at least once," joked one viewer.

"Sad cat core," added another.

"Girly is going through it," commented one TikTok user.

Newsweek has contacted Katie Behr for comment.

Pym is unlike other cats in the fact that she actually appears to enjoy showering. Videos posted online by Behr show her regularly choosing to stand underneath the incoming pour of water and even showering with her owner.

This behavior is a far cry from that of other cats, but the interest in cats and water on TikTok is not something new.

Earlier this year, a viral video series depicting an owner's attempt to "condition" his cat to like water took the app by storm, but experts weren't completely sold on just how good of an idea it was.

Over a 50+ day period, the cat's owner slowly introduced his cat to water, using items the feline is known to like to soften the blow of being in the bathtub with water. In the same time period, the journey gained over 11 million views across the videos.

Experts, however, were split on the videos and any attempts by owners to condition their cats to like water.

One expert that Newsweek spoke to labeled the technique as "encouraging" thanks to the gentle approach, but another told Newsweek that the cat did not appear "comfortable" in the videos.

The expert also questioned the motive behind doing such conditioning when there exists "no benefit to the cat" along with "no real evidence that any actual sort of conditioning has occurred."

In a concern that could debatably be applied to the case of Pym too, experts voiced worry of copy-cat style videos with pets that react worse than those in the viral videos.

"There's a real danger with viral videos of this kind or already out there, where people will then sort of repeat [what they've seen] in some instances," Daniel Cummings, behavior officer for U.K. charity Cats Protection, told Newsweek. "People may be inclined to try [what they've seen] and the cat may be super stressed by it."

Cat in shower
Stock image of an unhappy cat in the shower. Getty Images