Comedian's Uncanny 'Sex and the City' Pandemic Parody Goes Viral

How would New York's most well-known not-so-single ladies fare in the 2021 tri-state area? @nixinthecity, real name Nikki Letourneau, is attempting to show us exactly how Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte would be dealing with the last year with TikTok parodies of Sex and the City.

Fans of the HBO show won't have to wait long to get a true update of their lives with the upcoming revival of the series, but And Just Like That.... likely won't be discussing vaccinations and isolation. Plus, Samantha Jones is here and making innuendos like she never left in Boston-based Letourneau's version of events.

In the 90s version of the show, each character is easy to pinpoint. Carrie is the lucked-out-of-love protagonist. Charlotte is the traditional self-proclaimed WASP. Miranda is the sensible, independent one. Samantha is the sexually liberated one, who isn't afraid to get up to all kinds of things...and then talk about it in front of a child. But Letourneau's portrayal is deeper than that—from the cliché puns to slight head tilts, it's almost uncanny.

Vax and The City's first video was shared by the TikTok creator on April 30, and focused only on Carrie, who's working from home.

"And just like that, the Pfizer and Moderna shots had become spring's hottest accessories. But I couldn't help but wonder...after months of social distancing and isolation, were we really ready to be vax-seen," said Letourneau as Carrie.

"I'm a big SATC fan, and I thought it would be fun way to explore current events with a comedic take using some of my all-time favorite characters," Letourneau told Newsweek in an email.

"I pick news stories that I think are widely circulated enough to be well-known, that I think can be presented in a funny way, and that I think the SATC gals would realistically have opinions about," she added.


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After requests for a follow-up, she decided to take on all four members of the group, and gained over a million views with it. The second "episode" was shared on May 7, and truly embodied each character.

"Oh my god, you slept with the guy who gave you the vaccine," asked Charlotte.

"Honey, they don't call it a jab for nothing," responded Samantha, of course.

"Only you could make a vaccine obscene," said Miranda.

"She got the Johnson & Johnson, and Johnson," added Carrie with a classic cliché pun.

"If the ending makes you cringe, I count that as a Carrie Bradshaw success," wrote Nikki in the comments.

"They are such fantastic characters with complex personalities, but for the purposes of parody, I tend to focus on their most extreme characteristics, like Miranda's snark, Charlotte's WASP sensibilities, Samantha's love of innuendos, and Carrie's humor and ability to turn anything into wordplay," said Letourneau.

The latest update on Manhattan's favorite friendship group was shared Wednesday, June 2, with a discussion of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) recent warning for Americans against kissing chickens. (A salmonella outbreak apparently linked to backyard poultry led U.S. health officials to issue the warning in May.)

"Honey, I don't judge what people do with their hens. Just their cocks," said Samantha in her take on current affairs.

"But kissing chickens? It's just.." began Charlotte. "Fowl," finished "Miranda."

"It's a cock-a-doodle-don't," said Carrie. Classic.


Reply to @courtneyb_says I couldn’t help but wonder, if you risk salmonella pecking a chicken, what do you risk clucking the wrong man? #satc

♬ original sound - Nikki L

Letourneau certainly didn't choose an easy show to crack with her parody takes. Over the years, Sex and the City has built a huge fanbase, but watchers of the show deemed it accurate and even admired the cringe portrayals of their favorite women.

"This is so clever. I could tell which character was who. Outfits and jokes were spot on," wrote one viewer.

"I'm convinced you originally wrote the show," added another.

While another commented on the use of cutlery in both the show and parody: "Why was Miranda always holding a fork? So accurate."

Some even seized the opportunity to further imagine a modern version of the characters. "Samantha would've tried to sleep with [CNN journalist] Chris Cuomo May 2020," wrote one TikTok user.

As for which of these girls-about-town would handle it the best if they could no longer be so about-town during quarantine? Letourneau's money is on Charlotte: "She's a rule-follower, and I don't think she'd have as much of a challenge staying home. Samantha takes things in stride, but I do think she'd struggle with limiting her social circle— I can't imagine her sticking to a pandemic pod! Carrie is used to working from home, so that wouldn't be a difficult transition for her, but it's hard to show off your shoes on a Zoom call. Miranda would be the most up-to-date on pandemic developments, but lockdown would be hard for someone who felt suffocated by too much togetherness on her honeymoon."

Update 6/7/21, 02:48 a.m. ET: This article was updated to include a statement from Letourneau.

Cast of Sex and the City filming
NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 21: Actresses Kristin Davis, Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kim Cattrall on the set of "Sex And The City: The Movie" in New York City on September 21, 2007. A TikTok parody of the show has gone viral. James Devaney/Getty Images