TikTok's 'Squid Game' Filter Goes Viral, Creeps Millions Out

Squid Game is now officially Netflix's most successful original show—and social media is just as obsessed with the K-drama as everybody else.

The show about a brutal survival game has inspired a list of social media trends and memes, and the latest is a disturbing TikTok filter.

The "Dare to Move" filter is a take on the "Red Light, Green Light" game from the first episode. Contestants must move forward when a giant doll is looking away but freeze when she turns to face them. If her eyes catch them moving, they're shot dead.

Dare to Move replicates the game without any deadly consequences. Instead of the giant doll, it uses a creepy and grubby baby.

"There's no way this is a real filter," said TikToker Kaila in a viral video. "This is the ugliest f***ing baby I've ever seen in my life," she added, speaking intermittently as the baby is turned away.

The filter requires users to move their mouth when the baby is facing the front and keep frozen when its head swivels to face them.

Kaila has racked up more than 9 million views and 2.4 million likes since posting her video five days ago. Thousands of comments have been left on the clip, as TikTokers marvel at the sheer gruesomeness of the baby.

In a follow-up video, she states, "Everybody wants to know what happens when the baby catches you," before trying it out. In the show, eliminated contestants are swiftly dispatched. Here, a "LOSE" sign simply appears on screen.

"Why am I still kind of scared though," said Kaila.

One viewer commented: "This has been the funniest series so far this week."

Another posted: "You would win the game and millions."

Many shared the sentiment of the TikToker who described the filter as "so creepy."

Other users have gone viral with their attempts at Dare to Move. TikToker @dylanarmenteros19 has collected 2 million likes in two days for a clip in which he hilariously tried to stare down the virtual baby. The #daretomove tag had over 3.4 million views on TikTok on Wednesday morning.

It isn't the first Squid Game trend on TikTok, after users rushed to recreate the honeycomb task seen in a later episode.

People filmed themselves combining sugar and baking soda to make Dalgona candy, a wafer-thin sweet snack. As in the show, they carved shapes into the treat and then used a needle to attempt to cut it out.