TikTok Star Behind Foul-Mouthed Mickey Mouse 'Scared' After Cryptic DM From Disney

A TikTok star known for his profanity-laced and belligerent impersonations of Mickey Mouse said a cryptic message, allegedly from the Walt Disney Company, left him "scared," but he showed no intention of shelving his personal twist on the beloved cartoon character.

Comedy TikToker Hassan Khadair, who boasts 1.8 million followers on the platform, regularly posts videos voicing a Mickey Mouse puppet with a spot-on impersonation. Khadair's content typically involves the puppet reacting to other videos on the platform in an aggressive manner, often uttering expletives and unexpectedly transitioning into a sinister, low-pitched voice. The videos tend to attract hundreds of thousands to millions of views.

In a TikTok video posted on Sunday, Khadair, 22, briefly ditched the puppet to announce he has allegedly received a direct message from Disney's verified Instagram account. In a separate TikTok post, the creator shared a screenshot of his alleged correspondence with the corporation.

Disney allegedly sent him the following message: "Hello Hassan. We have seen your tiktok page and would like to have a discussion. What is the best way to contact you?"

In the screenshot, Khadair responded with a message containing his phone number and email, which he redacted for the video.

"This seems like it will be something bad," Khadair wrote in text added to the video.

"It might be something awesome," he continued with a smile and a thumbs-up sign, before snapping back to pessimism with: "It probably wont be. What if they take away mickey?"

While he reported feeling "terrified" by the corporation's enigmatic message, Khadair carried on with his regularly scheduled programming by posting numerous TikTok videos spoofing the Disney icon.


So maybe that last part isn’t in the DM but I think it’s implied lol #mickeymouse #comedy #funny #disney #mickey

♬ original sound - Hassan

In a Thursday video, Khadair had the Mickey puppet read Disney's alleged message, then conclude with "You're going to die" in a deep, gravelly voice.

"So maybe that last part isn't in the DM but I think it's implied lol," Khadair wrote in the post's caption.

Disney did not appear to have followed up with Khadair as of Thursday, evidenced by an Instagram story in which the TikTok star said he mistook a promotional Disney+ email as much anticipated contact from the company.

On Thursday alone, Khadair's hostile Mickey puppet had implied Walt Disney's cryogenically frozen head was buried under Disneyland's Sleeping Beauty Castle, reacted to a sexually graphic joke about The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and stated the corporation was "very evil, b*tch."

Amid the influx of content, one post's caption nevertheless read: "No updates on Disney only anxiety."

In a Wednesday video, Khadair said fellow influencer Emily Jacobsen—who is behind a well received TikTok musical spoof of Disney's Ratatouille—got in touch to tell him outreach from the company initially worried her as well, but ultimately led to a happy ending.

Jacobsen reportedly said Disney looked to "capitalize" on the Ratatouille spoof's popularity, which eventually resulted in her traveling to Florida to "film something" with the entertainment giant. In an attempt to assuage Khadair's fears, Jacobsen apparently told him the company may actually be seeking a collaboration with him.

But Khadair was not convinced, saying in a voiceover: "I don't imagine it's gonna work out like that for me" before pulling out his Mickey puppet to exclaim "Gosh fellas, I'm scared!"

Newsweek has contacted Khadair and Disney for comment.

Mickey Mouse poses at Disneyland
Mickey Mouse poses in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland Park on August 27, 2019 in Anaheim, California. A TikTok star known for his impersonations of Mickey Mouse allegedly received a message from the Walt Disney Company. Joshua Sudock/Walt Disney World Resorts via Getty Images