Former Starbucks Employee Reveals How to Get Popular Dirty Chai Cheaper

An alleged former Starbuck employee has offered followers a tip on how to get one of the chain's popular drinks for a lower price, simply by ordering it differently.

Christine Kominek, who also appeared on Big Brother in 2014, prefaced by claiming she worked at Starbucks for over a decade and was now planning on creating a series of videos on how to get your favorite drinks for cheaper.

"Let's start with the dirty chai. This is a chai tea latte with shots of espresso, which is extremely popular. Most of you say, 'Hey can I get a grande chai with two shots?" she said, before telling viewers not to do it this way.

Instead, Kominek advised customers to instead order a grande latte with chai syrup in it.

"Our chai is just a pump, but the thing is if you order a grande latte with chai syrup, the chai syrup is only 60 cents, but if you order a grande chai with two shots of espresso, you are paying $1.60 for those shots, and a grande latte and a grande chai have the same base price," she said.

Kominek's method makes a saving of $1, which can add up for those who often drink dirty chais. As pointed out by some TikTok users though, ordering a grande latte with chai syrup means you don't get any of the water that comes in a chai tea—perfect if you prefer the richer taste, but not so much if you're a fan of the water.

The former employee added that it works with the iced versions too, "because if you order a venti iced latte, that comes with three shots, you've got a super dirt cheap dirty chai."

Kominek clarified in a comment that when you order you simply ask for a "Latte with chai syrup" and specify whether you want it iced or hot.

Viewers rushed to thank Kominek for providing the cheaper alternative, with one user writing: "Thank you for this. Dirty chais is my go to drink. Going to try this tomorrow."

"As a current Starbucks barista, I didn't realize the two were literally the same thing. You're doing God's work," commented another.

Despite Kominek's suggestion seemingly not making the order too different, or more difficult, the same can't be said for most other TikTok drinks from the chain.

Earlier this year, Newsweek reported that Starbucks employees had taken to Twitter to share their disdain for having to deal with complicated orders made popular by TikTok videos.

"On today's episode of why I wanna quit my job," tweeted an employee, showing an image of a Venti Caramel Ribbon Crunch Frappuccino order, which demanded extra Frappuccino chips, whipped cream, ice and several additional pumps of sugary syrups, including caramel, cinnamon dulce and honey. Plus, it required the drink to be "double blended" and include banana, heavy cream and five pumps of Frappuccino roast coffee.

The tweet went viral and sparked a flurry of similar sentiments from other workers at the coffee chain, many of which cited TikTok as the main cause.

"The line at my local SB is ridiculously long, more [than] usual. I asked the barista what's been going on. He said a lot of people are ordering the TikTok drinks," wrote customer @mamio3.

Although Kominek's order idea has gained popularity on TikTok, it appears far from likely to add complications to order times or hold up long drive-thru queues.
Newsweek has contacted Starbucks for comment.

Starbucks coffee cup outside store
A Starbucks coffee cup is seen outside a Starbucks Coffee shop in Washington, DC, April 17, 2018. Saul Leob/Getty Images