Starbucks Barista Shares Little-Known Menu Secret As Workers Ask Her Not To

A Starbucks employee has shared inside knowledge on the chain's breakfast sandwiches, much to the disapproval of other workers.

TikTok user and barista Kelly Tyson shared a video on November 22, explaining that customers can modify their breakfast sandwiches—a fact that many did not know. Her clip has since gained over 1.7 million views.

In the clip, Tyson unwraps the prepackaged frozen breakfast sandwich and removes the cheese using tongs, before toasting it. According to Tyson, customers can remove items or make cooking specifications, but are unable to swap breads or meats.

A following video posted by Tyson showed the various modifications available for the sandwiches, including "extra toasted," "no meat" and "cook open faced."


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Many TikTok viewers were pleased to get this inside information, but other Starbucks employees posted comments expressing their disapproval and concern that modifications meant more work.

"Don't tell people this," wrote one user. Another added: "Shhh, we don't need customers asking for this."

Tyson told Newsweek: "I literally just posted the video not thinking anything about the caption. I really thought everybody knew this, to be honest.

"I didn't think so many baristas would get so angry. It was actually laughable how mad they all got about taking off a piece of cheese. One user told me to be careful and watch my back because baristas will be 'coming for me.' I mean, we're talking about cheese here."

"But I'm not one to sugarcoat anything and, bottom line, we work in a customer service job. Our No 1 job is to serve and make our customers happy, so if taking off a piece of cheese is bending backwards for somebody then maybe they need to rethink the industry that they are in."

Tyson isn't the only Starbucks employee who has gone viral for revealing little-known information about the menu. In November, former barista Christine Kominek shared how to get the popular dirty chai drink for a discounted price.

"Let's start with the dirty chai. This is a chai tea latte with shots of espresso, which is extremely popular. Most of you say, 'Hey can I get a grande chai with two shots?" she said—before explaining that there is a cheaper alternative.

Instead, she advised customers to order a grande latte with chai syrup in. "Our chai is just a pump, but the thing is if you order a grande latte with chai syrup, the chai syrup is only 60 cents, but if you order a grande chai with two shots of espresso, you are paying $1.60 for those shots, and a grande latte and a grande chai have the same base price," said Kominek.

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