'Monstrosity' Starbucks Drink Order Totaling $50 Goes Viral: 'I'd Quit'

A "monstrosity" Starbucks order has gone viral online, gaining over 3 million views after it totaled an eye-watering $53.95.

TikTok user @instrumentality.project went viral three days ago after posting his unique order in a video, asking his followers if he should really order the unbelievable drink.

"Should I use my stars to order this monstrosity?" he asked, showing the single drink costing $49.55 pre-tax.

Inducing an array of reactions online, from pure disgust to hope of genuinely seeing the obscure order come to life, the drink took hold of TikTok.

The drink order included 12 bananas, light ice, caramel drizzle, four pumps of caramel brulee sauce, caramel brulee topping, extra whipped cream, cinnamon dolce sprinkles, chestnut praline topping, coconut, 12 affogato-style shots, holiday sugar sprinkles, red and green sprinkle topping, chocolate malt powder, cinnamon powder, chocolate curls topping

The video can also be seen here.

With views in the millions, the order led to varying opinions from Starbucks baristas themselves, who took to the comments to divulge their thoughts.

"Barista here—I don't think we'd even make it. Not scientifically possible," commented one user.

"Someone ordered a joke drink like this once and it literally crashed our system so yeah do it. Give those poor baristas a break," added another.

Others, however, saw no reason the drink wouldn't be made. "As a barista, I actually think it's fun to do orders like this. It is a nice break from the normal stuff," commented one TikTok viewer.

"Honestly, order this at night when all the cool, relaxed people work and we're slow, I would totally try to make this," added another.

"The way i'd quit on the spot," wrote one TikTik user.

The TikToker attempted to order his drink in real life, but was ultimately unsuccessful, much to the disappointment of eager viewers waiting for the results. In a follow-up video, he ordered the drink using the app and collected it in store.


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The video can also be seen here.

"They didn't make the drink, but offered a replacement so I told them to fill it with espresso, Frappuccino chips and a banana," he wrote on-screen. "Not bad tbh."

After contacting Starbucks directly, he was able to get the stars back for his failed order, and now appears to be planning on using them on a "Budget friendly" version of the drink—despite it still costing $21.56.

The budget-friendly version instead consists of three bananas, one pump of mocha sauce, caramel drizzle, mocha drizzle, one pump of caramel brulee sauce, caramel brulee topping, cinnamon dolce sprinkles, three affogato-style shots, one pump of dark caramel sauce, oat milk, chocolate curls toppings, three Frappuccino chips, one pump of toffee nut syrups and four shots.

Still, the TikTok user has vowed in a comment to "leave a nice tip" should a Starbucks barista make the original viral "monstrosity" drink.

Barista making drink
Stock image of a barista making drink. Getty Images