Tears as Couple on Vacation Adopt Dog Sleeping Outside Their Room Every Day

What started out as a leisurely vacation for a couple, became a life-changing trip for a stray dog.

Ashleigh and her boyfriend are welcoming a stray dog from the streets of Turkey to their home in the U.K., after the pup spent each night camped outside of their hotel room, refusing to leave.

Laia had been on the streets for five years before her miraculous meeting with her new owners in a Starbucks in Turkey. Their journey to providing a forever home for the dog about 2,000 miles away is being widely watched online, with one video racking up 500,000 views.

"A street dog in Turkey stumbled into Starbucks and sat next to us and broke our hearts," Ashleigh wrote on-screen. "We gave her water and fed her but she just wanted love. She followed us for 10 minutes to our hotel protecting us from other dogs and slept eight hours outside the hotel door waiting for us."

Together with her partner, Ashleigh got her microchipped, vaccinated and even moved hotels to protect her from other dogs, before finally deciding to adopt her.

What should have been a straightforward miracle, however, became far more complicated when Laia wrongly ended up in a local dog shelter. Someone managed to take her while she was secured and waiting for collection by pet transport.

"We searched all night for her but couldn't find her and had to fly home," Ashleigh wrote in a comment online.

As luck would have it though, Laia was found in the shelter by someone local who was able to contact Ashleigh and inform her.

Laia has since been spayed and blood-tested, showing that she only had anaplasma, caused by a common tick bite and has since been cured by antibiotics. Still, they have to wait four months for her arrival to her forever home.

After having a rabies vaccination, a one-month wait is required for a blood test to see if it has been successful. The results then take a further three months, during which time she will be in quarantine at a foster home.

Videos showed her enjoying her time in her foster family's large backyard after being groomed. She could be seen playing with another dog and even proudly donning a lead and collar, which she was originally scared of.

When she arrives at her new home in England, Laia will join a canine sibling called Lily, who is looking forward to sharing her sticks with her.

Newsweek has contacted Ashleigh for comment.