Fake Amazon Ad Goes Viral Due to Bizarre Glitch

An advert shown on TikTok wasn't like any Amazon ad users had ever seen before, and it left many people puzzled.

The advert, which drew attention online, was a promotional video placed on the feeds of TikTok users, with the official @Amazon handle. The video however, featured a strange montage of Roblox gaming footage with a young mam dancing to Flo Rida and T-Pain's "Low," but only the "Apple Bottom jeans" part.

Voices also can be heard insulting one another, focusing on the death of a grandma and even making threats against the other's girlfriend, after he claimed she'd be going to "h3ll."

For those who spend hours scrolling through their For You pages, these types of videos pop up at times, but it seemed like an odd choice for Amazon to dip its toes into this kind of obscure internet humour.

Popular YouTuber and streamer Eddy Burback recorded the advert after discovering it on the TikTok app and shared it on Twitter. "This was an Amazon ad I got on TikTok??? This is 100% real, I just recorded it," he wrote, gaining over 28,000 likes from users just as confused.

this was an amazon ad I got on tik tok???

this is 100% real I just recorded it pic.twitter.com/cST0JoKb33

— Eddy Burback (@eddyburback) August 4, 2021

The advert encouraged users to "shop our favourites for the home." As shown by other Twitter users, clicking the link took them to an Amazon search of "revealhome1," which showed various homeware products.

Many speculated that the products could have been affiliate links, where people get money every time a product is purchased through it. This led some to believe that the advert was a fraud, submitted by someone unlinked to Amazon in a bid to earn money.

Amazon confirmed to Newsweek that the advert didn't come from the company and that it's working with TikTok to find out what happened. TikTok subsequently confirmed that it was all down to a glitch.

"This situation was the result of a technical issue, which temporarily swapped the amazon ad creative with a different video. This issue has now been fixed," a spokesperson for TikTok told Newsweek.

It's unclear exactly how the glitch happened, but many have found the results of it hilarious but also worrying.

"That just raises more questions. Like why do they have this video even in the same chamber as their ads to make this mistake," tweeted one user.

Others had hoped that the mix-up had actually been Amazon's first foray into unique online humour.

Amazon logo on wall
A portion of the sign advertising Amazon Go is seen outside the grocery store's location on June 16, 2017, in Seattle. A fake Amazon advert has gone viral online. Getty Images