Parents Tell Their Kids to Back Them up in a Fight in Hilarious New Trend

A hilarious new TikTok trend is putting kids to the test and showing exactly how far they would go to help their parents....or whether they would at all.

The viral online trend sees parents rush up to their children and ask them to put their shoes on in order to fight another child outside for them. Producing some hilarious unpredictable responses, the children are racking up views in the millions.

Often, the parents will reveal that they are set to fight another parent, who has seemingly brought their child along to join in too. "I can't hit a kid, but you can," said one mom in a viral video.

While some flat-out reject the order to fight, others are left running to fight another child in the name of their parents.

@loveasandies gained over 72,000 likes on Twitter after sharing her daughter's reaction. "I need you to put your shoes on now, i'm going to fight that lady from next door and that lady has a baby girl and I need you to beat that baby girl up," she instructed.

The daughter, who was on an iPad, immediately said "okay, I understand" and got ready for a fight.

@prettybrown.cls' daughter took it to the extreme of willingness after being told "if her daughter jumps in, I need you to handle her daughter." She immediately nodded and put down her drink, no questions asked. She even tied up her hair ahead of the non-existent fight.

Similarly, @beautybyespe's son was willing to fight with no questions asked, saying "okay" and heading for the door.


WITH NO HESITATION !! 🤗 my baby gonna ride for his mama 🫡

♬ original sound - Esperanza Galindo

@melaniedealba4's daughter was a little less amped and ready-to-go, telling her mom: "I don't know how to fight yet." Still, she headed to find her shoes and even showed her best kicking moves.


“Idk how to fight” Coming from the girl that got nearly suspended in kindergarten for punching a girl in the face 🤔🤷🏼‍♀️😂😂😂 #fight #fightprank #joke #fyp

♬ original sound - Melanie DeAlba

Others were on the other side of the fence, flat-out refusing to fight, even under the instruction of their parents. @nishasonai's daughter wasn't so with it, immediately crying at the prospect of an upcoming fight,

@brenshields' son shot down the offer straight away, simply replying "no" and heading back to his video game after his dad told him: "I'm gonna fight this guy and he has a son, so if his son steps in, you gotta fight him."

The hilarious trend is continuing to rise online and captures the harmless, fun side of kids on TikTok. Last week, teens across the app saw themselves banned from cinemas after the "Gentleminions" trend took over, encouraging people to visit movie theaters in full suits to watch the latest Minion franchise movie.

According to movie theaters, partakers in the trend also showed disruptive behavior during the movie, and resulted in complete bans on wearing formal wear to showings.

Two children fighting
Stock image of two children fighting. A hilarious TikTok trend sees parents trick their kids into preparing for a fight. Getty Images

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