TikTok Trend Garners Newfound Attention After Police Involvement

A trend that first appeared on TikTok earlier this fall is receiving some negative attention after some young people are causing physical damage to neighbors' homes.

The trend is not the first one to make headlines for turning south after becoming popular on the app. TikTok had to go as far as to ban a trend earlier this year after students were getting arrested for vandalizing schools. As part of the "devious licks" challenge, students were ripping sinks off of walls and removing fire alarms, Newsweek previously reported.

This newer trend is set to Kesha's 2012 song Die Young and has TikTokers playing the song and banging on people's doors to the "beat of the drum"—as the song goes. While the trend seems innocent enough, over Thanksgiving weekend two 911 calls came in from a northeast neighborhood of Petaluma, California, KTVU reported.

One door was kicked in with so much force it needs hundreds of dollars worth of repairs, the station said.

Jennifer Pritchard, Community Engagement Liaison for the Petaluma Police Department told Newsweek that one incident was caught on camera and was "exactly what you see on TikTok."

She said right now no charges have been filed and the department's priority has been to educate the community about what's going on. Both for the sake of the young people who might be taking part in the challenge so that they are aware of the more serious repercussions that might occur, as well as for the community members so they don't "overreact" to something that was "started as fun and games."

She said the larger concern is that homeowners might mistake the ruckus for a home invasion and react as such which could "cause harm and fatalities."

Videos on the app depicting the challenge have garnered millions of views over the last few months, oftentimes taking place in college dorms. One video, posted in October has 29 million views alone and showed over half a dozen people banging on different doors in what appears to be a dorm. Words over the video read: "When it's 10:59pm but quite[sic] time starts at 11pm."

TikTok Trend
A TikTok trend that emerged a few months ago has now taken a turn after some people are causing damage to stranger's homes. This stock image shows the TikTok logo on a screen. LIONEL BONAVENTURE/Getty Images

Over the same weekend, up north in Canada, a similar incident took place and was caught on camera early Saturday morning.

CTV News reported that the incident happened in Port Dover, Ontario and involved three young people.

Though the song is not heard to be playing in the footage posted by a Twitter account that claimed to be "an official account of the Ontario Provincial Police," the actions of the three individuals are similar. They knock on the person's door, then kick the door hard. The door swings open and the unidentified people run away.

Pritchard noted that the department is not "anti-TikTok" they are just hoping to preemptively educate the community before the situation escalates.

Newsweek reached out to the Ontario Provincial Police for the West Region for comment.