Internet Trend Sees Users Share Shocking Parenting Moments From Their Moms

"My Mom" is the latest trend to conquer TikTok. It sees users share the wildest stories about their mothers—spanning from the hilarious to the illegal.

In 2009, Eminem, who has a well-documented tumultuous relationship with his mother, released the track, "My Mom" The song documented the difficulties growing up with his mother, who was addicted to drugs.

Some 12 years on and TikTok users are using the "my mom, there's no one else quite like my mom" line from the song to soundtrack their own matriarchs' out-there actions.

The experiences shared range from the light-hearted to ones that will shock, and even upset, viewers.

"When my mom lets me drink, smoke, isn't judgemental but will slap me for taking her tweezers or nail file," joked @iluvposhspice.

"Yeah my mom does my lips whenever I ask," shared @peaceluvlilpeep, who paired it with a video of her mom injecting her lips with filler.

Others however weren't so entertaining, with some recounting traumatic moments from their childhoods growing up with their moms. "When your mom abducts you, flies you across the country and has a boat waiting there to take you to a different country," wrote @taylermccrae.

"Guess whose mom was high their whole pregnancy so I had to name both the babies," wrote TikTok user @notdesatall.

@emileefaz wrote, "who would video their kid having a panic attack and threaten to post it on social media."

The "My Mom," trend makes a stark difference from TikTok's May trend of "Slipping Through My Fingers," which showed very different mother-and-child relationships. The trend saw users employ Meryl Streep and Amanda Seyfried's Mamma Mia cover of the ABBA song in their videos.

In the 2008 movie, the song soundtracks Streep and Seyfried getting ready for a wedding, reminiscing on their life together. TikTok users made similar videos that pull on the heartstrings, remembering moments when family members had done or said heart-warming things.

Some variations of the current "My Mom," trend however do have this same message, with some videos shared with the sound flipping it round and recounting good memories of their mother.

"Lets me have mental health days off school, period days, supports me in every way, goes out for cocktails with me when my mates dip, is my best friend," wrote @alexruthp, along with a video of her mom driving.

Mother and daughter embracing
Image of a mother and daughter. Getty Images