Gen Z Are Destroying Millennials on TikTok

Gen Z and millennials are at war with each other on social media after a TikTok user asked boomers to stop saying the younger generations are the same.

The video that kicked off an inter-generational social media battle was made by TikTok user mayalepa, who said: "Tired of boomers bunching gen z and millennials together? Because personally I don't want to be associated with people who still think that Harry Potter movies are a personality trait."

Then, Twitter user @local__celeb shared screenshots of the comment section of the video and said in a viral tweet: "I'm awake at 3 am and I just want everyone to know what gen z says about millennials on TikTok..."

Some of the comments mocked millennials' love of Harry Potter with one TikTok user saying: "They be 34 talking about 'I'm a Hufflepuff' like grow up and do a line of coke already" and another saying "Millennials will attack you if you disrespect their Harry Potter house."

Gen Z, also known as Zoomers, is also making fun of millennials and Buzzfeed quizzes with comments including "or that Buzzfeed knows their favorite wine" and "What Taylor Swift song are you based on your Starbucks order."

An AFP collaborator poses for a picture using the smart phone application TikTok on December 14, 2018 in Paris. Generation Z is mocking millennials on TikTok. AFP/Getty

Another characteristic of millennial culture, as declared by Gen Z, is embarrassing slogan T-shirts, which make up part of the comment section too: "They think shirts that say 'I'm fluent I'm sarcasm' is peak comedy" and "they're the reason forever 21 had shirts that said 'IT'S FINALLY FRY-YAY' and 'rosé all day' for so long."

TikTok user @mayalepa said her video was inspired by a post from @wholesam, who made fun of the 2012 mustache trend, millennials' love of coffee and Starbucks, and the phrase "adulting."


Stop bullying millennials! They’re pretty cool

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Following the viral tweet, millennials and Gen Z joined in on Twitter, each making fun of the other generation.

In response to millennials taking offense at the TikTok video, one Twitter user said: "gen z will make a harmless joke about millennials and millennials will legit take that s*** seriously like go read ur damn buzzfeed article and stop beefin with teenagers online u old b******."

Another said: "i thought millennials would've learned from boomers' toothless avocado jokes but everyone's upset about gen z accurately roasting them?? & now we've got adult millennials trying to lash back out at 14 years olds via twitter lol. let them razz you for having a harry potter tumblr."

The definition of millennials and Gen Z varies, with some sources claiming millennials are born between 1986 and 2000 and others suggesting that people born as early as 1993 are defined as Gen Z.

Millennials, also known as Generation Y, are typically defined by working in the gig economy, living at home with their parents for longer, and starting families later than previous generations.

Generation Z is known for being tech-savvy, having grown up with social media, and for being activists, like the School Strike for Climate inspired by Greta Thunberg, in which teenagers skipped school once a week to campaign for leaders to fight against global warming.

One Twitter user summed up how it feels for those born in the late 1990s who are in the middle and don't know which side to join, because: "boomers, millennials and gen z: fighting. people born between 1996 and 1999 still trying to figure out which f***** generation we're from bc ppl keep changing their tune and u only relate with maybe 20 percent of the 'only millennial understand' posts but ur not as cool as gen z."

However, the Chapo Trap House podcast team came up with their own distinction between Gen Z and millennials that demonstrates how both sides can be defined by their own embarrassing characteristics: "Millennials either work as the Chief Crying Consultant for a startup that loses $70 billion a year or are addicted to articles.

"Zoomers are in Valorant calling each other the soft a or want to die so they wake up as a Korean pop star. it's really whatever. it's the same s***."