'Sweet' Uber Eats Driver Goes Viral for Going Extra Mile With Kind Gesture

A "super sweet" Uber Eats delivery driver has gone viral online, after his customer shared a video to TikTok in a bid to find and thank him.

The Texas driver, named as Donald Jackson, was captured via doorbell footage delivering the food with a handwritten card and poem, making sure to gently place tissues down for the food too.

His genuine care for his job touched customer Tracey Ramirez, who shared the moment online, asking to be connected to her driver. The video has since been viewed over 1 million times, with users rushing to praise the driver for going above and beyond to spread positivity.

"This super sweet Uber Eats delivery guy delivered more than just food," she wrote on-screen. "He so thoughtfully and delicately placed tissue paper under the food and goody bag he brought us."

In the video, Jackson could be seen gently setting the delivery out on the side, before taking a picture. Inside the goody bag, Ramirez shared, was a handwritten card for her boyfriend, who placed the order, and a poem.

Images added to the TikTok showed the poem to be Footprints in the Sand, a religious poem that tells a story of being carried by God during hard times.


#Helpmefindhim to thank him! I want him to know his actions are appreciated 🥺 Tik Tok do your thing! #tiktokviral #dallastx

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After contacting Uber Eats, Ramirez was only able to be provided with his first name, due to privacy reasons.

Ramirez however wasn't willing to give up so easily, and called the restaurant she had purchased the food from to see if they had any contact information for him. After hearing the story of going viral, the worker took down Ramirez's contact details, and within an hour had called with good news.

Jackson had visited the restaurant to pick up an order within an hour, and the worker filled him in on becoming a TikTok sensation. Jackson told Ramirez later that he's not a social media savvy individual, and had absolutely no idea he'd been viewed by millions.

In a video shared by Ramirez, she showed their first phone call after being put in contact with one another, in which he explained that he had actually contemplated not accepting the order in the first place.


UPDATE: Donald has been found & contacted! Let’s surprise him for his kindness!! He’s such a sweet heart!!💖 #wefoundhim #tiktokdoyourthing

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"I am shocked, I am way shocked that you did all of that," he said. "I've been smiling all morning."

"Donald," Ramirez told him. "You are incredibly sweet, you have no idea. I love that poem, that's now my favorite poem. I started crying immediately."

Ramirez has since set up a GoFundMe for Jackson, with viewers donating money to brighten his day, like he has done to theirs.

"I would love to bless him with this, to show him he is truly appreciated. I want to surprise him with all of your sweet words & tips," she explained in the post.

"I am so glad that I can be part of this. Real love from someone with a big heart. Footprints in the Sand is my favorite poem, it reminds me I am not alone even when I feel alone. I lost my husband to COVID-19 last year and have been telling everyone to just love one another, life is too short. I wish that I could donate more. I wish I could be a fly on the wall just to see his smile. God Bless everyone," wrote one user.

"Those are the people we need out there in the world because for that he is an awesome guy," commented another TikTok user.

UPDATE 01/12/22 7:48 a.m. ET: This article was updated to include a video.