Viral Video Showing the Real Use of Bar Spoons Is Leaving Bartenders Shocked

Bartenders have been sharing their shock after discovering one of the uses of a bar spoon following a viral video.

Kaitlyn Stewart runs the popular TikTok account @likablecocktails and recently went viral on the app for sharing one of her favorite uses of a spiral bar spoon.

"Bar spoons have many uses," she explained. "They're not just for stirring cocktails, and there's a variety of them out there in different shapes and sizes."

In a video with over 500,000 views, Stewart described the use for the spoon handle as "practical, but it's also kind of a party trick."

Stewart used the video to demonstrate "one of the reasons for the spiral hand designs": pouring carbonated drinks down it without causing them to fizz over in the glass. As shown by Stewart, when you pour a can of drink at the top, it cleanly trickles down the spiral handle, straight into the glass. The pour is mess-free and leaves no inconvenient fizzy foam in the glass.

"It also takes the soda down to the bottom of the glass with minimum loss of carbonation," she said.

As warned by Stewart in a comment, it's vital to use a clean spoon with clean hands. "I think this goes without saying," she wrote. The video can be seen here.

Fellow bartender and cocktail-enthusiast Lui Fernandes shot his own video, filming his reaction to the interesting trick and gaining 9.9 million views in one day.

"Stop, that's so cool," he marveled as he attempted the trick himself. Just like with the original, the drink trickled down the spiral handle.

"How did I not know this? This is incredible," he added.

The video can also be viewed here.

According to drink brand Absolut, there's another reason for the spiral shape seen on so many bar spoons. In a video on bar spoons shared by the company in 2011, the gentle pouring created by the spiral also works for layering drinks in shots or cocktails.

The smooth and direct pour clearly splits different alcohol from each other, making layers of different liquids in one drink.

Bartenders were left amazed by the TikTok trick, taking to the comments of both Stewart and Fernandes' videos to discuss their surprise at never learning it before.

"I've bartended since 1999 and I never knew that," wrote one user.

"I can't wait to pretend I knew this my whole life in front of people," added another.

One former bartender noted: "The fact that I was a bartender for seven years and never learned this."