71-Year-Old DoorDasher Receives $38k in Donations To Help Him Retire: 'It Isn't Easy'

An elderly DoorDasher in Idaho has raised over $38,000 in donations after becoming the center of a viral video that sparked concern over his job and age.

Through the power of the internet, 71-year-old Kenny Judd was able to be connected to his DoorDash customer, who set up a GoFundMe in his name after discovering his story.

Customer Anabelle Stephens captured the moment father-of-two Judd delivered her food on her Ring doorbell footage this month. After noticing his age, she shared it to TikTok, writing: "Tell me I didn't just get the cutest DoorDasher."

With over one million likes and nine million views in just five days, the video sparked concern for the DoorDasher, to be working at his age.

"I hope this old man is just working because he wants to stay active and have something to do. Old people shouldn't have to work," commented one user.

Unfortunately, DoorDashing wasn't just a means of staying active for Judd who told Stephens it is a bid to "make ends meet."

After going viral online, and attempts from Stephens to find out his contact details through the app, Judd's son reached out. According to him, Judd is a "private man" who has worked hard through a lot of hardships in his life.

Stephens set up a GoFundMe page for Judd, asking viewers to donate even just $1 each in order to "hopefully help this man retire." In the U.S., the average age of retirement is estimated to be 62, making Kenny nine past it.

The pair were eventually connected directly, with Stephens sharing a snippet of their call online, documenting Kenny introducing himself as "the infamous TikTok dude, Kerry."

Although she hasn't disclosed much information about their call, she did share the GoFundMe link to her TikTok account, and included an excerpt of what he told her about his life.


The man himself, Kerry! We did it guys!! Thank you all so so much for your support and to help us come together! The gofundme is in my bio and ready! Let’s all help Kerry out! #kerry #idaho #ktvb

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"My wife died in 2001 and I am a DoorDash driver to make ends meet," said Judd, who also works as a security guard.

"I have been dealing with some health issues that have affected my Dashing abilities at times. I love sharing my DoorDash experience with others so they can earn income and be successful in their dashing experience," he added.

"It isn't easy with DoorDash basic pay of $2.50 per delivery. DoorDash fees are expensive so people don't always tip because times are tough and there are times they are not able to go out so they order DoorDash."

In just three days, the GoFundMe has raised just over $38,000 of the $100,000 goal as donations continue to flood in from those touched by both Judd's story and the dedication by Stephens to help out.

"This is incredible! This restored my faith in humanity," wrote one user.

Correction 01/25/22 10:13 a.m. ET; This article was changed to reflect that Kerry Judd is still employed as a security guard.