Girl Plunges '12ft' Down Empty Waterslide in Sickening Viral Video

Two Virginia friends have gone viral online after the moment one fell down a 12ft drop in an empty water park was caught on video.

Britney Cropper shared the video to TikTok yesterday, gaining over four million views and one million likes at the time of publication.

Cropper had documented herself and friend Maddie Laxton making their way through a dry, empty waterslide, but hadn't predicted the painful moment to follow.

Laxton seemingly fell straight down a "space hole" slide, which Cropper claimed to be a "12ft drop." In the clip, the deafening thud left many concerned, while others, including the pair, were left entertained too.

The two girls seemed to initially attempt to find a way to get down the slide safely, deciding to go to the side first, but Laxton soon attempted to simply head straight down.

Laxton quickly slid straight into the center, before swiftly dropping straight down—a move followed by a loud smack noise. "Maddie," screamed Cropper.

Cropper initially shared an update video to her Tiktok but has since removed the post from her account. However, Laxton confirmed in a series of comments that she is alive, among concerns for her wellbeing, but that she shattered the back of her phone which was in her hand during the drop.

The video can be seen in full here.


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After racking up millions of views, many were left concerned for Laxton but also shared humour at the moment caught on video.

"Y'all remember when the squirrels dragged that girl to that hole in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?" asked one user, drawing comparisons with Veruca Salt.

"Maddie's okay right?" asked another. "This looked like a scene out of a horror movie."

Despite damaging her phone, Laxton caught a lucky break in comparison to other not-so-lucky empty water park visitors. Earlier this year, two friends from the U.K. were left with broken legs after deciding to sneak into a closed waterslide.

Claire Vickers, 46, and Barry Douglas, 44, caught media attention after breaking into a lido in September while intoxicated at 2 a.m. The pair poured water down the slide before attempting to go down together, not realising a barrier had been put in place halfway down.

After slamming into the barrier feet first, they suffered broken shins and shattered feet but were left waiting to be rescued for three and a half hours as they were unable to move.

Speaking on British television, Vickers described the incident as "like something out of a Saw movie" and the pair were reported to be considering legal action over the lido being "too easy to get into."