'Nightmare' Parking Lot by LAX Baffles Internet: 'Glitch in the Matrix'

A parking lot seemingly making a woman's car disappear has bewildered people across the internet, after a video of the moment was viewed more than 34 million times.

Alexia Petruzziello parked her car in a parking lot located near LAX Airport, and expected to be able to find it exactly where she left it on the fifth floor. Despite being able to see her car from another level, she couldn't actually get onto that level.

"I'm gonna freak the f**k out in two second," a stressed Petruzziello told the camera. "I parked on floor f***ing five okay. I could have swore I parked in like one of these," she added, gesturing towards spaces.

She then headed over to the ledge, where you can peek into the lower and upper levels. She pointed out her car on the level below, which was clearly visible.

"This is up, so I just kept going and took a little turn over there, you'd go up and it's there," she said, pointing to the level above. "So you would assume this means down," she continued, pointing to her car below this time.

"You will not believe how many times I've gone up and down this f***ing floor," she added, appearing visibly stressed by the saga while making her way down the level. Petruzziello sprinted down and showed what was on the next floor, revealing an empty parking lot. "Where is my car?" she asked, mystified by the apparent disappearing act.

Petruzziello described the confusing parking lot as "long term parking at LAX" in the video, but LAX Airport confirmed to Newsweek that this particular lot wasn't one of its own at the airport itself.

With over 34 million views, the video left viewers just as confused as Petruzziello was by the layout, with many vowing that they would have simply given up.

"I would've just left and bought a new car," wrote one TikTok user.

"I know there's an explanation....I just don't know what it is," added another.

"Glitch in the matrix," commented another user.

Ultimately, Petruzziello required the help of staff at the parking garage to help her locate the car, with the worker even driving her to the space after shutting the gates.

As pointed out by many viewers, the parking lot was likely a double helix garage - a type of parking lot that coils around in itself in order to create one-way traffic. Some versions have connecting paths in the middle.

This can make it a little less straightforward however when navigating by foot, and especially without the help of a diagram found on Google Images to show you the layout.

Double helix garages may be common in LA, but that doesn't make Petruzziello the only one to have a confusing experience with them, as shown by the endless anecdotes shared by TikTok users.

"This happened to me!! It was freezing cold and I thought someone stole it. I was freaking out haha you're not alone," noted one user.

Another added: "You know what, no shame. I called my husband panic crying because I was so confused when I was stuck in one."

Correction 01/06/2021, 03:18 a.m. ET: This article was updated to clarify that the parking lot is near LAX, but not operated by the airport.