Nurse Shares Heartfelt Moment Husband Embraced Her After Losing Patient

Registered nurse Marianna has shared the heartwarming moment her husband embraced her after a traumatic shift when she lost a patient.

Marianna posted the footage from her front door's doorbell camera showing her husband hugging her tightly after waiting for her arrival to the sound of "Yellow" by Coldplay. According to the video, her husband waited up until the early hours of the morning.

It had been a difficult shift for Marianna, with a patient passing away. "We unexpectedly lost a patient last night after several rounds of CPR," she wrote in the video. "My husband knew I was coming home sad about it.

"You can see I'm still kind of shocked. He waited for me until I got home at 1:30 am. Shout out to my husband for holding me together when I can't," she added.

"We've had a tough 1.5 years and continue to work hard. Mental health matters."

The video has shown to many the harsh realities of working in a hospital, especially in recent times, and the emotional toll it can have. "We feel it every time, it's just not normalised or often talked about," wrote Marianna in a comment.

Marianna didn't disclose many details about the patient or shift, but wrote that "the circumstance on this one really got to me and I've been a registered nurse for eight years."

With over 3.7 million views since the video was uploaded yesterday, it's reached a huge audience, some of who related to her feelings in the clip. "20 years as a firefighter. Would have killed for someone to hug me just once after a bad incident. Just once," wrote a TikTok user.

"I'm a registered nurse as a new grad in the ER. I still remember the name of my first patient that died. It never gets easier but we learn to cope," commented a nurse on the TikTok video.

"He is a keeper," wrote another viewer. "I remember when I lost my first patient as a nurse, I called my boyfriend at the time and he hung up because he was too busy playing video games."

Another viewer shared a heartfelt anecdote of appreciation for nurses like Marianna, writing: "I lost my grandma to COVID but will never forget the nurse that helped us see her one last time with his phone over FaceTime."

"When my grandma passed all her nurses came to the funeral. They all cried the entire time, and it was in that moment I realized how hard it is," added another user.

Nurse crying in hospital
Image of a nurse in hospital. A nurse's reaction after losing a patient has gone viral. Getty Images