Friendship Between Dogs and Garbage Men Through Window Melts Hearts Online

Dogs are man's best friend, or in this case, a garbage man's best friend.

Vizsla dogs Ralph and Bruno can't hold in their excitement when their house's garbage men visit every Monday in Nottinghamshire, England.

The dogs' owner regularly shares videos of their brief encounters, through the living room window, and melts hearts each time. Their latest viral video hit over one million views, and took viewers through a rollercoaster of emotions.

Uploaded in July, the video captured the heartbreak-turned-heartwarming moment the dogs briefly thought they'd been forgotten about.

In the clip, Ralph begins perched upon the couch, gazing out of the window. Just the sight of the orange hi-vis sends both dogs rushing towards the window, where they lean up against the windowsill.

As always, the pair stood with wagging tails, watching as the garbage men approached the house. Only this time, the man appeared to walk off without paying any attention. Bruno's tail immediately stopped wagging at the realisation and the pair soon returned back to their original positions.

Viewers can breathe a sigh of relief as the video made a complete u-turn, with the garbage man returning to the window. Both Burno and Ralph hurried back to the windowsill with hope, and for good reason.

The garbage man reached up and dropped two treats in through the open window, before dropping another two in straight after.

The video can also be seen in full here.


The boys honestly thought the binmen had forgotten about them today. Look how Bruno’s tail stops wagging when he realises. 😭 #monday #fyp #foryou

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"The boys honestly thought the bin men had forgotten about them today. Look how Bruno's tail wagging when he realises," they captioned the clip.

@vizlaralph has earned over 30,000 TikTok followers, who anticipate the weekly videos of the blossoming friendship. Various different garbage men approach the windows every week and drop treats in for the vizslas—wagging tails guaranteed.

As noted by viewers, it's hard to decide exactly who is enjoying it more, the dogs or the bin men. Our money however is on the dogs, who quite literally jump with excitement as the men approach the window in some videos.

It's not only the dogs who get treats from it all though. As well as simply seeing the joy on the four-legged friends' faces, the vizslas' owners seemingly bake sweet treats for the men too. "What treats should we bake for them next week?" they asked in one clip.

"Even when Ralph isn't feeling well, the bin men still make his day," captioned their owner in one clip, proving just how deep their friendship lies.

Newsweek has contacted the owner for comment.

Vizsla dog hugging man
Stock image of a vizsla and man hugging. Getty Images