TikTok Video Shows Cops Allegedly Confronting Mom at Six Flags Over 'Too Short' Shorts

Six Flags is facing backlash after a recent guest revealed her "traumatizing" experience at their Frontier City theme park in Oklahoma.

Bailey Breedlove claims that she was body-shamed and harassed by an officer over the length of her denim shorts, which were deemed to be "too short" by park authorities.

In a Facebook post explaining the incident, Breedlove said that she and her family were visiting the park late last month. "We were having fun, enjoying rides and spending money on what we thought was going to be a great vacation spot," she wrote. However, things soon took a dark turn after an officer reportedly followed, grabbed, and reprimanded Breedlove over her choice of attire.

She wrote, "[I] proceeded to walk to my boyfriend as I am autistic and have a hard time talking to officers." Meanwhile, the officer "followed" her while "yelling and calling for backup."

Breedlove reports that the officer's manager appeared soon after, and "began body shaming [her]."

"I was told I needed to go buy new shorts," said Breedlove. When she resisted the idea that she had to buy a new pair of shorts, she said she "was threatened with criminal trespassing." Breedlove added that she "was then pushed and escorted toward the entrance."

However, Breedlove and her family were reportedly blocked from the exiting the park by an officer who "pulled out her cuffs and demanded [Breedlove's] ID."

"When we asked for probable cause their answer was 'because they are the police.' At this point we started recording, so we do have video of the unlawful tactics." She added that the officer wouldn't provide their badge number when asked.

The video in question was posted on TikTok, where it has since been viewed over 2 million times. The clip shows Breedlove sitting while an officer demands to see identification. "Why?" asks Breedlove, who insists that she and her family were just trying to leave the park.

To Breedlove's left is her daughter, who seems visibly distressed and appears to sob into her hands.

"Look at this," she exclaims. "Look at what you're doing to my daughter."

"Your officers had my 11 year old daughter crying hysterically thinking her mother was about to be arrested," wrote Breedlove in her Facebook post. "I paid a lot of money at your park for our family vacation, and I believe I deserve a refund for the trauma caused to my family over a pair of shorts on a hot day," she added.

Breedlove has received an outpouring of support on both social media platforms, with many writing that the behavior of the officer and manager was unacceptable.

"Fire these employees!" wrote one TikTok commenter.

"I'm sorry this happened. I just wanted to ask how your daughter is doing now. Seeing her cry absolutely broke my heart," said another.

According to Breedlove's latest update, she has spoken to the Oklahoma City police department captain who "assured" her that the officer involved in the altercation was not associated with the Oklahoma City police force. "He sends his apologies and is going to look into the situation," wrote Breedlove.

Six Flags Magic Mountain
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