TikTok Video of Liver Disintegrating in Soda Goes Viral

A TikTok video showing what happens when a liver is soaked in soda overnight has been viewed over 10.4 million times.

The video shared on the social media platform by a user named Mascarado2fit shows them handling a pig's liver wearing black gloves before placing it into a piece of Tupperware. A pig's snout and a bottle of Coca-Cola sit behind the box in the video.

The text in the video reads in Spanish: "Pig liver 24 hours in Coca-Cola, look how it eats the liver."

The caption on the video reads: "Pork liver 24 hours in Coca-Cola watch it until the end."

Mascarado2fit is then shown unscrewing the bottle, before dousing the liver with the entire bottle of soda.

The video then cuts to 24 hours later. Mascarado2fit removes the lid from the box, revealing the submerged liver.


higado de cerdo 24 horas en coca-cola miralo hasta el final. #higado #cerdo fyp

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Mascarado2fit removes the liver from the box, and turns it to show how it has turned from the smooth, dark purple organ seen the day before, to fibrous with a brownish grey color. The coke, meanwhile, transformed from its widely recognized deep brown to take on a similar color to the liver as it was originally before it disintegrated.

Newsweek has contacted Coca-Cola for comment.

The video, which was released on April 18, had been viewed over 10.4 million times as of Wednesday morning, garnering over 151,000 likes and 5,100 comments. Mascarado2fit also shared the video on Instagram.

While some TikTok users took the video as proof that sugary drinks are bad for the liver, others pointed out that this is not what happens in the body when such drinks are consumed. Soda is not poured directly onto the liver from our mouths but passes through the digestive system.

When we consume sugary drinks, the digestive process of breaking them down starts in the mouth, then the stomach, and the small intestines, with some elements being processed in the liver.

One user wrote alongside a laughing face emoji: "I hate to break ti to you but you don't soak your liver when you drink coke." His comment gained 84 likes.

Another user wrote: "Now I really have to quit drinking colas," to which another person replied "Do you really think this is what happens in the body when you drink cola? Also this liver in the video is literally outside of the body and dead..."

Another person said: "don't worry unless you remove your liver and soak it for 24 hours you'll be ok."

Other popular videos posted by Mascarado2fit show the effects of cigarette smoke on pig lungs, viewed over 5 million times; and what happens when a liver is soaked in wine for 24 hours, viewed 1.4 million times.

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A stock image shows a liver on a chopping board. A Tiktoker filmed what happens when a pig's liver is kept in sugary soda for 24 hours.