Tourist Scares Away Trapped Bear That Broke Into Car in Viral Video

A Gatlinburg, Tennessee tourist's unique experience with a black bear has gone viral, after it trapped itself in his car.

The video, which showed the car owner scaring away the bear with his friends, was originally uploaded to @wetgma, which has appropriately now been changed to @bear_inna_car.

Joseph Deel found the bear in his car at around 7am, after a night of partying. Hungover Deel said he could hear a car repeatedly honking just hours after he went to bed.

After 7 or 8 honks, he became concerned about the cause and went out to check on it, discovering his car "moving like crazy" and on closer inspection, found the bear inside of it.

As shown in the video, which has amassed over two million likes, Deel and his friends opened the car door and immediately scared the bear away by making themselves as big as possible. The group of friends all stood on one side of the car, as instructed by Deel, and made a large amount of noise to shoo it away.

The move was successful, but the damage to the car had already been done.

"An un-bear-leviable amount of damage," he wrote, while showing the torn apart car in a follow-up video. Footage showed parts of the roof hanging off and the inside of the door pulled apart.

"Keep recording this, I gotta send it to my insurance," joked Deel in a video of the bear trapped.

Later footage also showed that the bears returned, and attempted to suss out the car once more.

Gatlinburg is a tourist destination, which centers most of its interest around the bears that inhabit it—bear shops, hotels and more.

The National Park Service recommends that if needed, people should, "act together as a group if you have companions. Make yourselves look as large as possible," and, "If the bear gets closer, talk loudly or shout at it."

Another recent viral video was criticized as the Reddit users failure to attempt to scare bears away, after one was captured sitting up at a park bench and eating their food. Many felt the tourists should have done more to scare the bear away, and prevent it from associating humans with a "free lunch."

Black bears in Gatlinburg are reportedly already much more used to humans, and less scared of them, than other locations due to the high amount of tourist interactions. Local attractions advise visitors not to feed bears or allow them the opportunity to sense food, so as to prevent them from growing brave in regards to humans.

Deel's spout of bad luck didn't end with the bear either, as his car was also later looted by people too, after he left it on the side of a highway due to damage.

"The looters broke in and stole what I left there; they stole my car's parts," he said. "Just having something like that happen to you and going through your personal information, I mean I was already in a vulnerable situation. I was kicked by the bear, and they kicked me some more."

His annoyance may be present with the human looters, but the bears are actually in his good books—to an extent.

"I never really held any anger towards the bear," he said.

Close up image of a black bear
Stock image of a black bear. Getty Images