UPS Workers Look On in Horror at Van Overflowing With Parcels: 'Bad Day'

A UPS delivery driver showed TikTok users the immense amount of packages he had to deliver, with even other UPS drivers filmed taking a look inside.

To the tune of popular TikTok song "Hell To Da Naw," user @banee392 documented the packages inside of his truck ahead of a day of deliveries.

"This is how you know [you're] gonna have a bad day," he wrote on-screen, showing fellow drivers peering into the truck. "When drivers are looking in your truck."

Boxes are piled up on the inside of the truck, taking up almost the whole space and balancing at all different angles. Seemingly, there's more to load in, with parcels sat at the end waiting to go.

In just one day, the video has gained over 500,000 views, with users sharing their sympathy with the driver taking the tiresome load.

"I woulda quit," wrote one TikTok user.

"I'm praying for you brother," added another.

"The only good thing about working as a preloader at UPS was losing 50 pounds," wrote one former worker. "Looking at this makes my eye twitch."

Others, however, reasoned that a majority of the parcels would likely come off the truck in one or a few stops. One alleged driver commented: "You know that's a dock stop at the post office and that mess is gone."

The video can also be viewed here.

@banee392's popular video is the latest in a growing trend on the app, seeing delivery drivers show the realities of the job, and the amount of parcels they are tasked with daily.

In December, TikTok user @aiden_m365 similarly went viral after sharing his truck full of packages. "Idk why they get paid so much. All they do is deliver packages. Can't be that hard," he wrote on-screen.

The original screen read the time as 8:45 a.m., flash forward six hours to a clip marked 2:45 p.m., and the shelves are bare, with no packages left.

In November 2021, a FedEx delivery driver pleaded for people to stop online shopping during the Black Friday sales, and head in-store instead. In a viral video, he showed the inside of his delivery truck, writing: "This is what a FedEx truck looks like after Thanksgiving. Please shop in person."

The video showed boxes stacked up in the back of the vehicle, covering the majority of the space.

In a statement to Newsweek at the time, FedEx said: "The sentiments expressed in this video are inconsistent with the professionalism FedEx team members and service providers demonstrate every day in safely and securely delivering millions of packages to our customers.

"Throughout the robust FedEx global network, our 560,000 team members are currently delivering for the holidays during our peak shipping season, which runs from Black Friday to Christmas Eve. We have been working with our largest customers to shift volume to earlier in the season, and are encouraging all customers to shop and ship early."