TikTok Video of Woman's Childhood Diary Entry on 9/11 Goes Viral

A woman's childhood account of the 9/11 attacks, as written in her diary at the time, has gone viral online, shocking some young viewers on TikTok.

The anonymous TikTok user goes by the username @deardiary90s_kid, and calls herself "Emotional Rollercoaster" online. She uses the account to share her daily childhood diary entries from the late 1990s and early 2000s. Many of her other videos focus on lighthearted problems associated with making friends, dealing with family and dating her boyfriend at the time.

Last week, her page took a darker turn as the daily video focused on her diary entry from September 11, 2001. Noting that she is a Canadian, she encapsulates the worldwide fears that occurred in reaction to the shocking attacks on the U.S.

"Holy f**k today was INSANE," she wrote. "PLANES flew into big towers in NYC. We spent the whole day at school watching the news and the principal let me call Dad [who worked in America] to make sure he was [okay]. I was so scared.

"[Everyone] was saying there might bomb the bridge and tunnel to f**k up the border which means we could get hit too!!" she wrote.

Fortunately, her father was able to return home safely, but she noted how much was still unknown about what would happen next in North America.

"Dad made it home okay," she wrote. "We still have school tomorrow because no one knows if Canada is at risk or not so we're just supposed to act like everything is normal.

"So many people and police and firefighters died," she reflected. "It's so unreal, I'm so afraid of Trev [her best friend, according to another video entry] going to West Virginia. America is so insane and he's so redneck he'd try to join a war."

Newsweek was unable to independently verify the diary's entries or the anonymous TikToker's statements.

Since its posting, the video has been viewed over 84,000 times and liked by nearly 16,000 TikTokers, many of whom reflected on the historical importance of the diary entry.

"A true historical document. This was ... one of [the] hardest days of any of our lives. Never forgotten," one viewer commented. Another added: "This is literally a firsthand historical account. Hold onto this. Someone could use it a thousand years from now."

Several international viewers shared their own reactions to the American attacks. "I was starting a school day in Australia (I was 12) and I had nightmares for a year after this and it was nowhere near me!" one wrote.

Another said: "I was in grade 9 and your feelings on this [were] exactly what I felt. I didn't even know what the Twin Towers were. It was horrifying."

Woman's Childhood 9/11 Entry Goes Viral
The Tribute in Light is illuminated over the skyline of lower Manhattan, One World Trade Center and the Statue of Liberty on September 11, 2020, as seen from Jersey City, New Jersey. Getty Images/Photo by Gary Hershorn/Getty Images

A New York native shared her own childhood memories of the attacks. "I was in the backyard with my dad and we watched the smoke rise. He was [on the] NYPD first response [team] so I helped him pack his guns, he kissed me and left. He thought he was going into a warzone."

Fortunately, the commenter reported that he returned home that day, but his partner did not. "He lost his partner but [my dad] came home. [He] was basically gone for 9 months at the site tho," she wrote. "I was so young I barely recognized him later on."

In April, a Connecticut teen shared to Reddit recently discovered horrific photos of the attack from his great-aunt's collection.

"I was compelled to post them on Reddit because I hoped people would find them interesting, given that the most iconic photos of the events were taken from a distance, on the ground near the buildings, or from the sky," the poster told Newsweek at the time.