Caver Climbing Through Unbelievable Tiny Hole Goes Viral: 'Do Not Attempt'

A caver has gained over 27 million views after sharing the nerve-racking moment he climbed down a tiny, narrow entrance hole in a maneuver that looks impossible.

According to Ethan, who didn't share his last name online, he had to exhale the whole way through in order to keep his chest small enough to fit. The geologist has been caving for the last four years and was taking part in a cave rescue training class when the video was filmed.

"Do not attempt," he warned in the video uploaded to TikTok in December. "Done in [the] company of cave rescue class professional cavers," he explained.

In the viral video, Ethan slides into the tiny hole at the entrance of the cave in the ground, fitting his legs somewhat easily without struggling. The same can't be said for the rest of his body, which was no smaller than the hole itself.

His body was pushed through the gap with a struggle when it came to his hips and chest, only for his arms to then need to slot through too. There was no visible gap between the hole in the ground and his body, making it a claustrophobic person's nightmare.

Despite seeming impossible, the caver managed to make it the whole way through and popped his head out to smile at the camera.

In a later video he showed an image from inside the cavern with two separate entrances. The entrance he used, he said, was a keyhole to the main entrance, rather than a "long tube."

"It's just one little pinch point that lets you into the entrance. You don't even have to use it or anything," explained Ethan in a later video, clarifying that the hole was simply an entrance to one of the other entrances. "I just thought it fun. It's not an entrance you would normally use, I just wanted to see if i could do it."

"That one little entrance I fit through is not entirely representative of the entire caverns," he added, explaining that the actual cave the hole led to was actually large.

Ethan shared to followers that although he has heard horror stories about caving, he's not entirely worried as he has no plans to attempt "anything that I don't really think is safe."

According to the National Speleological Society's annual American Caving Accidents report, 2020 saw 13 caving incidents, including cavers being lost and stranded, and having difficulty on rope. The year also saw one cave diving incident and five cave-related incidents, mainly involving animals.

"Caving is definitely not for everyone. It's definitely not," said Ethan.

The reaction to the viral video proved his point, with messages of shock and fear over the action.

"This stressed me out to even watch," wrote one user.

"This put me into a panic," added another.