Wendy's Worker Shows How Popular Chilli Is Really Made: 'I Feel Sick'

An alleged Wendy's employee has shown how the restaurant makes its popular chili dish, and customers aren't happy with it.

The worker shared the video online claiming to demonstrate "how Wendy's prepares chilli" and in just five days has gained over seven million views.

To the surprise of many, the video showed the worker microwaving old patties for the dish.

The video has gained so much popularity online in fact that even singer Lizzo shouted it out on her own TikTok account.

In the video, the supposed worker, known online as @mr.mawby, showed himself pouring out a tray of old-looking cooked beef patties into a box, where water was then added before going into a microwave.

After being drained, the meat was grounded using a spatula to create the recognisable ground beef. It was then added to a plastic bag before being stored with the rest of the ground beef in the fridge.

"It goes in the fridge for a few days after this," he claimed in the post's caption.

Newsweek has yet to confirm the veracity of the video.

In a follow-up video, the worker showed an alleged training PowerPoint that included instructions on how to make the chili, with even images showing water being poured over the patties.

Customers who have previously eaten and enjoyed the chili dish expressed both shock and disgust at discovering exactly how it's made.


it goes in the fridge for a few days after this

♬ Half On a Sack (Explicit Album Version) - Three 6 Mafia

"I could've gone the rest of my life without knowing this," commented one user.

"I just had some yesterday...I feel sick bruh," commented another.

Others, however, were less than shocked at the process behind the fast food meal, citing low expectations beforehand.

"Yea it be bussin. No fast food is gonna be five stars so I don't care," wrote one TikTok viewer.

"I'd honestly rather them do this than throw them all away," reasoned another user.

Singer Lizzo however appeared to side with those not-so-bothered by how the chili is made, citing the video on her own account. In her own clip, she tried out a popular combination of chili and cinnamon roll, but not without referencing the video first.

"I know you seen that Wendy's chili video, anyways it's none of my business," she joked, before filming her own reaction to the combination.

In June 2021, another Wendy's worker similarly went viral after showing exactly how the brand's "all-natural lemonade" is made.

The worker racked up views by showing her mixing a carton of Hubert's lemonade with tap water in buckets—the surprising way Wendy's makes its popular drink.

She summed the lemonade-making process up in the comments simply as "pouring a carton in a bucket and stirring it."

Newsweek has contacted the employee and Wendy's for comment.

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