TikToker Calls Out People Lying About Getting Vaccines, Gets Man Fired

A Florida man has recently lost his job after allegedly attempting to forge and distribute fake COVID-19 vaccination cards.

After documenting his alleged crime in a TikTok post, James Koncar caught the attention of Savannah Malm, a pharmacist who has gained a following on the app for debunking pandemic-related misinformation and calling out social injustices.

In her viral response video, which has since been taken down from TikTok but reposted on Twitter, Malm asks, "Now, James, do you really think it's smart to advertise that you not only forge medical documents but also have the intent to distribute them?"

Malm included screenshots of Koncar's LinkedIn page in her video, revealing that he worked as an "Internet Marketing & SEO Specialist" at Thirteen05 Creative. She also showed a clip of him using misogynistic language towards a Black female creator on the app.

"I really don't think your company is gonna take too kindly to the COVID denialism, the admission of multiple felonies, and the racism," says Malm.

How it started... pic.twitter.com/zRPSB9PvfL

— Mikki Kendall (@Karnythia) March 27, 2021

Within hours of Malm's post, it was confirmed that Koncar was fired from his role at Thirteen05.

We are aware of the allegations against one of our employees. This employee has been terminated as we have concluded a swift review of his actions.

— thirteen05 Creative (@1305creative) March 27, 2021

In an interview with Axios, Malm explained her choice to post the call-out video.

"Over a year into this pandemic, we do not have the time to coddle these people," she told them. "We don't have time to joke. Patient safety and public health are not a joke. Over 500,000 people dead is not a joke. Creating vaccine skepticism when this could end the pandemic is not a joke."

Malm uses her platform on TikTok to educate her 400,000 followers on everything from COVID-19, breastfeeding (Malm is also a lactation consultant), to sexual assault. In one of her most popular videos, with over two million views, she documents "what it's like to go running as a woman," highlighting the precautions she takes in order to feel safe.

In another, she calls out a TikTok user for expressing "predatory" attitudes towards women. Malm has also previously responded to anti-vaccine users on the app, including one pediatric nurse who, like Koncar, claimed to be looking to acquire a fake vaccine card. After Malm posted her now-deleted response video, the hospital for which the nurse had worked released a statement saying she hadn't been an employee there since August of 2020.

However, her massive following and popularity on the app can create challenges. Since the controversy with Koncar, Malm has posted a video claiming she has been getting "repeatedly harassed by alt-right TikTok for days."

She also says that the harassers are now targeting her friends, and that out of concern for them, she is removing the videos that have sparked the most attention.

Malm's presence on the app is controversial, and not everyone agrees with her decision to share people's personal information with a wide audience. In Twitter responses to her Koncar video, for example, some commenters call her "annoying" and "a snitch." Others have accused her of "doxxing," "going too far" and "taking jokes too seriously."

Malm, however, has no regrets. "I am not sorry for the videos I made," she said in her most recent post. "I am not sorry for the people being held accountable. And I will continue holding people accountable as it pertains to public health and patient safety."

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Savannah Malm, known on TikTok as @rx0rcist, uses her platform to discuss social issues and medical misinformation. Drew Angerer/Getty Images