TikToker Claims She Found 'Humanoid' Footprints in Washington Wilderness

One TikToker caught the attention of viewers after posting a now-viral series of videos detailing what she calls an "unexplainable encounter" at the top of a mountain.

In her video, Olivia, known on the app as @chroniclesofolivia, describes the "controversial" encounter near Lena Lake, which occurred with her mom eight years ago. "It's something that my mom and I don't really talk about," she says of the incident.

In the second video, Olivia claims that a formal case was opened after their experience, thus giving her access to "secret" government information—later, it's revealed that this case was filed with "The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization." Regardless, she claims that, as a result of the case, "There are things that the government knows about that I know about, that the public does not know."

She continues, "There are creatures, there are 'humanoids,' that live in these National Parks that are not yet classified as a species, yet. She adds that "they live in perfect harmony with nature" but are "controversial" due to their lack of classification.

The following parts of the series delve deeper into her story, which centers around strange footprints she found in the area. Walking along a muddy embankment, Olivia says she saw "hundreds and hundreds" of the "weirdest" footprints she had ever encountered. Describing the footprints as "huge," "ginormous," and "inches-deep," Olivia says that the discovery shocked her.

She goes on to show her photos of the footprints, which, at least at first glance, closely resemble those of a human. However, Olivia points out that they feature a "midtarsal break," or a ridge, that she says is only found in primates.

"This looks like a human footprint, but the science says that it's not, because of the midtarsal break," she says.

She adds that all the prints led to and from the same location: a small opening in the woods near the lake. However, she claims that there are no campsites or trails on the mountain where those woods are located, noting that rangers would give out a ticket if someone was found camping in that area.

Olivia also questions why there would be so many bare footprints leading to that area of the woods, which she described as full of "sharp" gravel, especially on such a cold and wet day.

While she does acknowledge that the strange footprints could have been "a hoax," she adds that it "would be extremely hard" to pull off the level of detail seen in the tracks.

Wrapping up her series, she directs viewers to her case online, which was filed with the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, a group that "seeks to resolve the mystery surrounding the bigfoot phenomenon, that is, to derive conclusive documentation of the species' existence."

Most viewers appeared split on the validity of Olivia's story.

"So nothing happened besides you seeing foot tracks????" wrote one commenter.

Others say that the multi-part series reveals "nothing."

Some, however, appreciated Olivia's storytelling abilities, even if her claims were dubious. "I don't know what I think it was but this was so interesting!" wrote one commenter. Others pointed out that reports of these alleged sightings have "been going on for decades."

Regardless of whether or not people believe in the so-called "humanoids," the videos in Olivia's series, with their millions of views, clearly struck a chord with the TikTok community.

Viral 'humanoid' TikTok
TikToker Olivia claims she encountered 'humanoid' footprints in 2013. @chroniclesofolivia/TikTok