TikToker Documents Adorable Journey of Hiccup the Duck She Raised From Egg

The bond between TikTok user @catherineharris_ and her pet duckling, Hiccup, has social media oohing and aahing. Yesterday, Harris posted a TikTok that explained how young Hiccup—whose name, she claims in the caption, refers not to the bodily function but to the Norwegian word for "little"—came into her care. Interspersed with shots of the two cuddling, Harris documents her journey to avian motherhood as a cover of the song "Cloud 9" plays in the background.

The saga of Harris and Hiccup began when Harris found an egg abandoned in a local park and decided to incubate it in the hopes of saving the fetus's life, according to the video.

Duck eggs need to be kept at 99.5°F and turned a minimum of four times a day in order to survive, according to Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. Most take an average of 28 days to hatch.

Seven days into incubation, the egg developed readily apparent veins. Then, 18 days into incubation, the fetus within began to move around. Finally, 28 days into incubation, the shell cracked, and Hiccup, his feathers damp, emerged into the world with a series of chirps. Now apparently several days old, Hiccup is as adorable as you'd expect a duckling to be, though he has yet to take to the water.

"Thank you! I won't be counting down the days until his first dip," Harris replied to a commenter who urged her not to allow Hiccup to swim on his own until he is at least two weeks of age.

The TikTok has been a smash hit with Harris's sizable audience. Within a day of being posted, it already has more than five million views and 15,445 comments. Most praised Harris's kind heart.

"Thanks for doing this. It might not seem like a lot but you could have very well saved its life and for that I say thanks," user @sheshinesradiantly wrote.

"Not to be dramatic, but I'd die for Hiccup," user @yup_its_alicia wrote.

A duckling shakes water from its feathers
Duck eggs take up to 28 days to fully mature and hatch. Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

Some, however, expressed concern at Harris's decision to remove the egg from the park (and her choice of name.)

"What if it wasn't abandoned and the mother went to get food..," user @24k...leo wrote.

"You shouldn't have taken that egg, and hiccup does not mean little one. Where are you getting your info?" user @godhatessarah wrote.

In a TikTok posted earlier today, Harris shares more footage of Hiccup's progression from fragile egg to a fluffy duckling.