TikToker Encourages Parents to Burn Fake Christmas Presents in Viral 'Life Hack' Video

One TikToker's viral "life hack" has left the internet divided.

Posting to the platform on Friday, TikTok user Bennyg7070 encouraged parents to burn fake Christmas presents as a way to ensure their children behave during the holiday season.

"Christmas is coming, and here is a sure fire way to ensure your little darlings [are] behaving proper," he wrote in the video's caption. So far, the post has racked up more than 21 million views and over 2 million likes.

"Wrap up some empty boxes, and pretend that they are presents," said the video's narrator. "Then, each time one of those little f**kers misbehaves, chuck one onto the fire."

In the video, Benny acts out his advice by placing a nicely-wrapped box into his home's wood burner.

As it turns out, Benny isn't the first parent to suggest this holiday-themed discipline technique.

In 2016, a YouTuber named Scotty B. went viral for allowing his daughter to think he had burned one of her presents after she misbehaved.

He recorded a video of the prank and shared it on YouTube, where it went on to receive more than 560,000 views.

"My kids sometimes have a hard time following simple requests. It is a constant struggle with them to listen to us," he said in the video's description box. "So, I decided to wrap an empty box and put it under the tree.

"I waited until they didn't listen [again] and then this happened," he continued. "I love my kids more than anything, but sometimes, they need to be taught a lesson! Happy Holidays!"

Despite Benny's video receiving millions of likes, some commenters felt that the "life hack" was a bit too extreme.

"I really wish this type of 'discipline' would just be done and over," wrote NiranSly. "This hurts your child on such a deep emotional level."

"Ah yes manipulation, that's a great way to control people. Forget about that," said robbydontsurf.

Nerdy Guy added: "you've basically just said give them trauma."

Others, however, thought it was hilarious.

"Just ordered a wood burner from Amazon," said Deano, followed by several laughing emojis.

DANOSAUR suggested: "Put coal in the presents so it looks like burnt up stuff."

"This is GOLD," commented Despina Tsolkas.

According to Slate, it's not unusual for kids to go a bit "bonkers" during the holiday season. Psychologist Catherine Mogil told the outlet that one reason for this is that children's routines are often disrupted around the holidays.

"[T]his time of year, all of the things we put in place that help children feel safe and secure and know what to expect go out the window," Mogil said.

To avoid a breakdown, Mogil recommended that parents have "some strategically set things that don't change."

Slate also reported that holidays may cause kids to experience "anticipatory anxiety," which can lead to behavioral issues.

"Many kids experience a kind of anticipatory anxiety before big events, in which they feel excited but also nervous about what to expect," said Slate.

Psychologist Tovah Klein told the magazine that in order to circumvent this anxiety, it's best to "ease up" on the present talk at home, as this "can be too much for children."

Christmas presents
Posting to TikTok on Friday, Bennyg7070 encouraged parents to burn fake Christmas presents as a way to ensure their children behave during the holiday season. While some thought the "life hack" was humorous, others thought the idea could be harmful to a child. evgenyatamanenko/istock