TikToker Gets Over Two Million Responses After Sharing Her Before and After Quarantine Body

One TikToker has taken body positivity and made it 2020 specific, sharing a video celebrating the weight she'd gained during the quarantine. The clip blew up, attracting millions of likes and views in just days.

In a TikTok on Wednesday, user Chloe Brown, who goes by @Chloe_xandria, posted a clip with the text "choosing to appreciate the body that supported me during a global pandemic," paired with audio that said, "show a picture of you in January, then a picture of you in December."

In the video, she shows a picture of herself posing in a crop top and jeans, smiling into a mirror from early 2020 and follows it up with a more recent video in sweatpants and T-shirt pulled up to show her stomach and back, smiling. She captioned the video with hashtags like "normalize normal bodies" and "body positive."

The TikTok quickly blew up, receiving 2.2 million likes in just a few days. Many of the original video's comments were positive, as many users applauded her "normalizing" weight gain during the pandemic and putting a positive spin on the physical changes many of them had experienced during a stressful year.

According to a COVID wellness survey conducted by WW, 36% of Americans have gained 12.5 pounds on average during the pandemic, and terms like "quarantine 15" began circling almost as soon as the country shut down back in March. Based on many of the comments on Brown's post, the positive spin she put on this phenomenon seems to be what attracted people to her video.

"I've struggled with loving my body since middle school. The video of me thin on TikTok that went viral was me in January 2020 when I was eating only one meal a day to stay that way. The second picture was me after the pandemic in December 2020, 24 lbs. later," Brown said in an email to Newsweek. "After years of practice and affirmations, I finally started feeling confident in my body, and I want to teach other women that they should feel comfortable in theirs as well."

Not all of the attention was positive, however. She posted a follow-up on Thursday saying she had decided to turn off comments on the original video due to "death threats and nasty comments." She also thanked her supporters in the announcement and said she will "continue to fight to normalize all bodies."

"Omg, what r people so mad for!?!? That u love yourself no matter what? What a crime," said one commenter.

"Finding your account has changed my life and showed me that it is okay to be okay with my body!!' said another.

Some commenters accused her of being "unhealthy," or "promoting a bad lifestyle." Others tried to give her advice on how to lose the weight or offered speculation as to why she gained it, and those comments, most of all, were met with their own backlash.

"Am I promoting being obese or overweight? No! Not at all, my post is about loving our bodies for doing their job and getting us through a pandemic," said Brown. "Even more importantly for me, being alive with my mental health intact!"

Brown is dedicated to what her bio calls being a "mid-sized hype girl," and her account is of videos showing fashion for women considered "mid-size." She posts body-positive content to "make people feel more comfortable in their own skin" and shows off her own sense of style. Though she's had to post multiple addressing hate comments about her body in the past, and much of her content has the comments section turned off, she boasts over 252 million followers and 5.7 million likes, which seems to indicate she's also built a large audience of people who support her message.

"I made the TikTok post to encourage all women (and men) to love themselves and love what their body is getting them through," said Brown. "My post resonated with much of society because it was viewed almost 13 million times, liked over 2.3 million times, and I've received thousands of private messages from people who said they have gone through the exact same thing."

With body-positive movements taking off on TikTok, and 319.2 million views on the "normalize normal bodies" hashtag alone, posts like Brown's seem to be picking up steam as 2020 comes to a close, even if there are plenty of trolls in the mix.

Update: This story has been updated to include comments from Chloe Brown.

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