TikToker Goes Viral After Spotting an Enormous Spider in Her Kitchen

There are few things worse than finding an unwelcome pest inside your house, particularly if the critter in question is a massive spider lurking in your kitchen.

However, when one brave woman came face-to-face with a giant arachnid in her own home, she decided to document the ordeal in a series of now-viral TikTok posts.

In the first video, it appears that user @georgia_knight_, also known on the platform as Georgia, spotted the spider in the light attached to her range hood's exhaust fan.

Zooming in on the spider, Georgia describes it as "f***ing massive," and it appears she's right. Based on the video, the brownish spider seems to be several centimeters long. "What the actual f***," she says.


This is the most disgusting thing ive ever seen, wtaf. 🤮#fyp #wtf #disgustang

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Commenters share Georgia's apparent horror at the creature, and several jokingly told her to "get a new house."

"It's his house now," wrote one TikTok user.

By popular demand, Georgia posted a follow-up to her original video the next day.

"So, a lot of you have been asking for a spider update," she begins.

"He's currently still up there," she says, "and I'm assuming he's dead because he hasn't moved," Tapping on the surface of the light, she adds, "When I poke it, he's not moving."

Georgia resolves to remove the spider, along with several other bugs that had accumulated behind the light.

"I don't know if you can see there but there's some kind of weird liquid in there as well," she says. "I'm actually scared."

Finally, Georgia reveals the spider after its removal. While still imposing, the creature looks quite a bit more measly.

"He's definitely dead," Georgia says. "Look at him. What the hell."


Here is the video everyone, i was shitting myself so your welcome😂 #fyp #spider #viral

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While Georgia is certain that the spider is dead, some commenters have another theory. They believe that what Georgia found was the spider's discarded exoskeleton, a byproduct of molting. That means that the real spider is potentially still alive and well—and bigger than the "dead" spider Georgia found.

"That's not a dead spider," wrote one viewer, "that's a spider skin meaning it's bigger!!!"

"That my friend... is only skin. The spider is still in that house," reads an ominous comment.

"The spider is probably living his best life, but bigger," adds another.

Since posting her two videos last week, Georgia has amassed a combined viewership of over 5 and a half million. However, she has not yet responded to the suggestion that the spider may still be alive and well in her home.

Brown Spider
One TikToker shared her horrifying encounter with a spider in her home. YURI KADOBNOV/Getty Images