TikToker Inspired by 'The Holiday' Seeks to Swap Homes With Complete Stranger

In Nancy Meyer's The Holiday, an English columnist named Iris and a Hollywood executive named Amanda—played by Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz, respectively—meet online and agree to swap homes. But as the two enjoy some alone time in each other's worlds, Iris finds love with Miles, played by Jack Black, and Amanda falls in love with Iris's brother Graham, played by Jude Law.

Last week, a Boston woman inspired by the film shared an apartment tour on TikTok. She hoped that someone from England would find the video and agree to swap homes.

The TikToker told local media that the video was a "joke," however, it quickly went viral, and now the woman might soon be traveling across the pond.

"Anyone in England want to switch places for the holiday?" read the text overlay in Grace Gagnon's (@grace_gagnon) now-viral video with more than 3 million views. "I have a studio [apartment] on the Boston riverfront."

In the video's caption, she wrote: "Serious inquiries only. Bonus points if you have a hot, single brother."

After posting her video, Gagnon told NBC Boston that she received requests from people via social media who also wanted to make the Nancy Meyers film their reality.

"I had so many requests on my Instagram and on TikTok," she told the station. "People sending me photos and videos and descriptions of where they live that I was like 'Oh my God, I have to do this.'"

The station said that her options ranged from the English countryside to Scotland and Northern Ireland.

In a follow-up video on Monday, Gagnon told her followers that she has made a decision as to who she wants to swap with, but she is keeping that information private until the details are finalized.

"I want to make sure everything is solidified and that it's agreed between the two of us before I share any more details," she said. "You never know—things can change. So, until then, I'm keeping my lips sealed."

If Gagnon's trip can come together, she won't be the first to enjoy a vacation-inspired by The Holiday.

Writing for Bustle in 2019, Tanya Ghahremani shared that she used the website Love Home Swap to arrange a stay at a one-bedroom apartment in London owned by a woman named Jane.

"When I say that my first walk-through of the apartment was pretty much exactly like the scene in The Holiday when Kate Winslet explores the giant Hollywood mansion she's spending her vacation in, I'm not exaggerating: I felt like g**damn royalty. There was a balcony!"

Despite not finding her own Graham with whom to fall in love, Ghahremani recommended that readers try the experience if given the opportunity.

"Overall, home swapping is something I would recommend anyone try; you may not find your soulmate like Cameron Diaz in The Holiday, but I guarantee you will find out more about yourself than you expected. And, no disrespect to Jude Law, but that's worth way more than him any day," she concluded.

As to whether or not Gagnon hopes to find love during the experience, she told NBC Boston: "If I met a really handsome man and it was intriguing to me. I mean heck! I'd be ready for my Cameron Diaz moment. But I'm not going into the experience with that in mind. I just want to go and have fun, make some new friends, if possible, and if someone appealing comes along then, you know what? I'm in!"

The Holiday premiere
A Boston woman inspired by "The Holiday" filmed a tour of her apartment and shared it to TikTok in the hopes that someone based in England would find the video and arrange to swap homes. Pictured above are Cameron Diaz, Jude Law and Kate Winslet, three of the film's stars. C. Uncle / Staff/Getty