TikToker Posts Viral Video of Woman's Bizarre Meltdown Over Gas Pump

One young woman got more than she bargained for during a routine trip to the gas station.

In a viral TikTok, user @evergreenandmrsn filmed a blonde woman screaming at her at a Los Angeles service station, all because @evergreenandmrsn took the woman's preferred pump.

The bizarre reason for the altercation has commenters dubbing the instigator a "Karen," Internet slang for an entitled—and often white—woman.

"Karen at her best!" user @badmaskguy wrote.

"Karen's are a wild species that you must not make eye contact with. Stand at least 15 ft away," user @shigarakiseyebrows wrote.

"I find it funny that most Karens flip out when they're being filmed but have no problem doing it to others when they think they're winning a case," user @happyfakeacct wrote, regarding the fact that the woman also filmed @evergreenandmrsn for the duration of their interaction.


She stormed inside without a mask and demanded the worker tell me to move 💀 #karen

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On Thursday, @evergreenandmrsn was refueling her car when the woman approached her to demand that she surrender her pump.

She "literally screamed, 'I want that one,'" @evergreenandmrsn says in the video, despite the fact that several others were available.

Clearly baffled, @evergreenandmrsn asks, "What's your problem, dude?" While the woman's full response isn't audible, it ends with the word "b***h," indicating that it isn't exactly polite.

"There's literally so many pumps open, dude," @evergreenandmrsn replies, repositioning her phone to show the full array.

That's where the footage ends. In a follow-up TikTok, however, @evergreenandmrsn reports that the women then went into the station, without a mask, to ask the attendant for assistance with making @evergreenandmrsn surrender her pump. Instead, the woman was simply told to find another one, which angered her so much that she began menacing @evergreenandmrsn with her car.

She "kept slamming on her gas and her breaks [sic] acting like she was going to hit me," @evergreenandmrsn says. "Like okay, range rover hit my Prius. Please. I could use that check."

Probably wisely, @evergreenandmrsn chose to be "the bigger person" and leave, deciding that the drama and the possibility of bodily injury or vehicular damage weren't worth it. But in a final twist, she reveals that a child was sitting in the woman's car the entire time, bearing witness to the brawl.

"Like she left a whole a** child in the car to go throw a fit," @evergreenandmrsn says of the woman. "She was yelling inside of her car, yelling outside of her car, laying on her horn. That's so embarrassing. No matter how much money, Range Rover, Lululemon she has, she will never be able to afford the amount of therapy that child is going to need for having her as a mother."

The original TikTok currently has more than 10 million views.

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