TikToker Receives Present on Divorce Anniversary from Woman Husband Cheated With

On the anniversary of the day she left her husband, TikTok user Elizabeth Lindsay received a present from an unlikely friend—the woman with whom her then-husband had a brief affair. Lindsay was delighted to open a box of funny, decorative cookies poking fun at her ex-husband, proving that sisterhood is a pretty strong bond to break.

The TikTok, which has more than 160,000 views, shows Lindsay opening the box as she explains to viewers what each cookie means.

"It's the anniversary of me leaving my husband, so the lady who was having an affair with him—she didn't know his real name and was being quite badly abused by him—gave me a present, so I'm just going to explain the present," Lindsay said in the video as she unboxed the cookies.

The first cookie is shaped like a "peen" and has her ex-husband's nickname, "slybry," written across it with icing. She laughs before moving onto the next one.

The second cookie is that of a woman's hand holding a phone with "you're so shady" written across the phone screen. She says: "The night that I caught him in the affairs and had proof and was speaking to the girl, he caught me speaking to her and was pushing through the door shouting at me and calling me shady and saying that I was being shady...Well, who's the shady one?"

The next cookie depicts two women with their backs turned and their middle fingers up. Their matching jackets read: "Sisters before vertically challenged misters."

The final cookie is a rose that reads, "Sorry for shagging your husband," which causes Lindsay to burst out with laughter. "This is absolutely brilliant," she says. "Thank you so much, I will absolutely enjoy eating these."

The woman who sent the cookies, named Steph, posted a video to her TikTok account explaining how the two met and the details of the affair.

In her video, she claims Lindsay's ex-husband created a Tinder account under a fake name. After talking for a period of time, Steph grew suspicious of his behavior and cut things off. To try to prove he was who he said he was, the ex-husband sent Steph multiple faked photos of his work ID, driver's license, etc., but Steph still had her doubts.

After she and a friend found his real profile, which included his real identity and showed he was married to Lindsay, Steph messaged Lindsay to let her know her husband was using a fake name and claiming to be single to cheat with other women. Lindsay, who now owned the screenshots of her ex-husband's fake profile and conversations with Steph, broke things off with her ex. Steph and Lindsay have been close friends ever since.

"I've got a friend for life in this woman," Steph said of Lindsay.


@elizabethlindsay3 Stop calling me "the other woman" please 😂 #cheater #divorce #sisterhood #scotland #tinder

♬ original sound - 😋

Viewers loved the present and were happy to see both women had become such good friends.

"Women supporting women," commented one, "with the best sense of humor humanly possible."

"Omg this is amazing," said another. "I'm so glad you're both away from him and [are] friends."

Commented one other: "The sisterhood we all need." Indeed.

TikToker receives divorce anniversary present
One TikToker received cookies in celebration of the anniversary of the day she left her husband. The cookies, which were sent by her good friend and a woman with whom her ex-husband had a brief affair, depicted funny inside between the women, and poked fun at the ex. @elizabethlindsay3/TikTok Screenshot