Man Visits 'High School Musical 2' Locations, Recreates His Favorite Scenes

A TikToker's trip to a golf resort in Utah meant he was able to live out the childhood dreams of Generation Z. @ohmyjoshhhhh visited The Inn at Entreda in Utah, better known as Lave Springs, the country club owned by the family of Sharpay Evans in the 2007 movie High School Musical 2.

Josh documented his trip to the resort during his expedition to various US national parks. "Booked a room at Lava Springs from High School Musical 2," reads the on-screen text of the video, which has gained over 970,000 likes since being posted April 23.

Starting with the iconic orange exterior of the resort, it's instantly recognizable to anyone of a certain age. Josh went on to show the pool, including the sun loungers from Sharpay's rendition of "Fabulous," the break-up bridge from "Gotta Go My Own Way", and of course "Bet On It"'s golf course.

Josh grabbed at the chance to create High School Musical-themed content, recreating all the iconic scenes from the second film in the franchise. Viewers watched as he recreated The Wildcats ditching Troy, Gabriella breaking up with him, and even Troy's "Bet On It" choreography, including that iconic dice roll move.

Unfortunately for nostalgia-seekers, the resort doesn't show Sharpay Evans' Star Dazzle awards, and the golf course was under construction while Josh visited, meaning he couldn't truly fulfill his angry-Troy-Bolton-pacing-and-dancing-in-a-polo-top fantasies. The pool, Josh claimed in comments, was a lot smaller than it appeared in the films, but staff were "understanding and nice," he wrote.


the audio is a MESS but you know we had to recreate the iconic scenes!!! #hsm #hsm2 #highschoolmusical2 #lavasprings #troybolton #hsmtmts #ZitHappens

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The Inn at Entreda sits in the small city of St. George in Utah, and is open to bookings for those looking to recreate their own takes on the iconic scenes. They don't, however, offer any special tours or packages that are High School Musical-themed.

In an attempt at a High School Musical pilgrimage of sorts, Josh also visited East High during his trip, but the school was closed. East High is a real school in Salt Lake City, Utah, under the same name, and is currently used for the Disney series High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. The show follows an Inception-level fictional storyline of students at the real East High putting on a school production of High School Musical, knowing that it was filmed at their school.

"When you want to film cool TikToks in the cafeteria of East High but it's locked," Josh captioned the video, along with the popular audio of Charli D'Amelio saying: "Let me in."

Seemingly the videos featuring the locations of many childhoods has triggered a sense of nostalgia on TikTok, with viewers rushing to comment their thoughts. "It's hard to see someone living my life's mission," wrote one user.

The cast of High School Musical 2
HOLLYWOOD - NOVEMBER 19: Actress Monique Coleman, actor Corbin Bleu, actress Ashley Tisdale, actor Zac Efron and actress Vanessa Hudgens pose at the DVD release of Disney Channels' 'High School Musical 2: Extended Edition'. A TikToker visited the sets of the movie and recreated scenes. (Photo by Jason Merritt/FilmMagi Jason Merritt/Getty Images