TikToker Shares Shocking Moment She Learned She Was Dating Her Cousin

While DNA testing kits have several benefits for users, they can also come with unexpected, and uncomfortable, downsides. Specifically, some people have reported learning that they are actually related to their romantic partners.

TikTok user @mattilathehun has experienced this particular problem firsthand, as documented in last week's now-viral post.

"For my birthday last year, my ex got me one of those DNA test kits," she begins, adding that he got one for himself too.

Explaining her lack of knowledge regarding her family history, she notes, "My mom's adopted, and I never really knew my biological father."

After @mattilathehun and her now-ex got their results about a month later, she was looking through the list of her genetic relatives generated by the program.

"...I was scrolling down," she says, "and I turned to my boyfriend at the time, and I say, 'Hey, this is pretty nifty. This person has the same name as you.' And that's how I found out I was dating my cousin."


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Somewhat surprisingly, @mattilathehun is not alone in her predicament. Several users rushed to the video's comments section to share similar instances of unwittingly dating a relative.

"My aunt and uncle didn't find out they were cousins until they had been married like 10 years," wrote one TikTok user.

"My husband is my 4th cousin and we were fully aware when we got married whoops," divulged another commenter.

The next day, @mattilahun posted a follow-up video to provide additional context to her situation.

In the clip, she says that while the ancestry site suggested that she and her ex were third cousins, some of her own subsequent research indicates that it's more likely the two are second cousins.

However, it also appears that the couple's familial status is, at the very least, not the sole reason for their breakup.

"We got the results back the first or second week of December. It's now April. We broke up a week ago," @mattilahun says. "Mostly 'cause I hate confrontation."


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Commenters appear to have mixed reactions.

"I mean, that's not really that big of a deal. Genetically or otherwise. Most people don't even know who their third cousin is," argues one viewer.

"If I'm already in a relationship with someone I am truly happy with, this would not be a deal-breaker," adds another.

Others weren't so easily convinced.

"Wow. For everyone saying it's not super close, 2nd cousins mean your parents are first cousins," reads one response.

Meanwhile, a concerned viewer added, "I am SO sorry for the amount of people here trying to tell you it wasn't that bad that you were dating your second cousin."

In a perfect summary of her discomfort, @mattilathehun ends the video noting, "My ex is a great guy, and I care about him deeply, but, um... yeah."

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TikTok user @mattilathehut's saga has gone viral, amassing over 496,000 views and counting. Chesnot/Getty Images