TikToker Shares Terrifying Experience to Encourage Women to Lock Car Doors

Unfortunately, stranger danger is alive and well, as evidenced by a now-viral TikTok posted last week.

According to user @esor_gaming, also known on the platform as Esor, the incident occurred while she was sitting in her parked car, just before leaving for work.

"This is why you should be locking your car doors the second you get inside," she says, prefacing the story.

"I get in my car," she explains, recounting the ordeal, "and just out of habit now, I lock my car doors the second I get inside."

As she was putting on her seatbelt, she says she saw another car pull up behind her, also driven by a woman, a fact which becomes important later on.

According to Esor, a man "approached" the other woman's car, but Esor assumed the situation was benign, thinking the man was catching "a Lyft or an Uber."

"So I decide, I'll just wait for them to pick up and leave, so I can get out of my spot easier," she continues.

However, she noticed that "the man didn't get inside the car," and the woman began driving away.

"The woman starts driving away," Esor says, "but she stops suddenly, directly next to my car, starts honking furiously, and pointing at me."

Esor says she was "super confused" by the situation—until she finally turned around.

"Behind me," she says, "the same man is pulling at my car door trying to get inside my car."

"I just want to say thank you to whoever that woman was," she adds. "Things could've been so much worse."


Please share this! We need to look out for one another! #staysafeladies #fypppppppppppp #lookoutforeachother

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With over 880,000 views and 100,000 likes, the video seemed to resonate with TikTok users across the platform. Many have even begun using the comment section to share similar stories of their own.

"I'm glad you are safe," shared one commenter. "Same thing happened to my daughter but her doors were locked."

"A very scary lady approached me when I was in my car. She was pounding on my windows and trying to open up the doors! So scary," said another.

Countless others, however, are theorizing that the other woman was actually in cahoots with the man and was creating a "distraction" by honking.

"She definitely wasn't trying to help you," wrote one user. "It was most likely a signal for him and also to distract you."

"Was she helping? It sounded like she was trying to distract you," echoed another.

Regardless, Esor has a message for those who come across her TikTok. "Please share this!" she wrote in the video's caption. "We need to look out for one another!"

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In a viral TikTok, one user shared a scary experience she had while parked in her car. Getty Images/Christopher Furlong