TikToker's Mission to Rescue Allegedly Neglected Donkey Goes Viral

In a trio of TikToks that have captivated her followers, @stationhigh chronicles her efforts to save her childhood donkey, Francis, from an allegedly abusive situation. The clips have more than 25 million views combined.

The two reunited by chance when @stationhigh drove by her childhood home, which she hadn't visited since her mom divorced her stepfather and moved out, according to the first clip. To her shock, the now-elderly donkey was still in the pasture.

"I can't believe he's even still alive, last I heard no one even lived there anymore," she says.

Though @stationhigh hasn't seen Francis in a "long time," by her own admission, she calls to him and he immediately trots over to the fence. Cooing "Hi, Francis. Hi, baby. I missed you, honey," @stationhigh strokes Francis's nose as he leans into her hand.

When she reluctantly returns to the car, Francis began braying in apparent distress, demanding more attention.

In a caption, @stationhigh mentions that he's been alone since his mate died eight years ago in childbirth.

I "know he's been lonely," she writes, pledging to help him.

Later that day, @stationhigh shared an update thanking viewers for their interest in Francis. She wrote that T&D Donkey Rescue had agreed to rescue Francis if she could prove that he was being neglected. Petting him, she outlines the ways in which he is receiving improper care.


Reply to @mrsmama2017 I will get him the life he deserves to live❤

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While Francis has hay and "a little shelter," she writes, he is in bad shape overall. His coat is matted, his nails are overlong, and he does not have any water source other than a "dirty pond." In addition, she says, he has tumors developing on both sides of his neck.

It's "not fair to him when he needs medical attention," she writes. "He's a very good boy who deserves better than this and I will do what it takes to save him."

But she is facing obstacles to success. In the third clip, @stationhigh wrote that when she drove over to her former home the next day to see Francis, water and treats in tow, her neighbors confronted her about her claims.

He "said Francis is fine and he's being taken care of and he's mad about my video saying I'm lying," she writes.


I'm going to fight even though they're fighting back! you saw my video and think giving him fresh water and cut nails will do it.. that doesn't cut it

♬ See You Again (Piano Arrangement) - Alexandre Pachabezian

When she refused to leave, her neighbors called the cops on her. But @stationhigh says that she has no intention of backing down.

"I'm going to fight even though they're fighting back!" she writes.

She has not provided any further updates on her account since the last video on April 2. Newsweek has reached out for comment.

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