TikToker's Viral Gym Hack Impresses Internet: 'Modern Problems Require Modern Solutions'

Online commenters have admitted to being impressed by one woman's now-viral hack that purportedly stops men from approaching women at the gym.

The hack was posted to TikTok on Tuesday by Sydney (@blacmarketbagelsociety), who wrote: "Guess my form is just better this week. Also, shout out to my teammate for this idea," So far, the post has received more than 1.3 million views and over 197,000 likes.

"Life hack—no man has tried to correct my form since smearing brown eyeshadow on my neck like hickeys," read the video's text overlay.

In the video, Sydney poses in the gym mirror, and also gives viewers a close-up of a fake hickey on her neck.

Later that day, she provided a more in-depth explanation about the hack in response to a commenter who said: "But is it possible it was their way of flirting? Seeing [hickeys] means you are taken so they don't try to flirt."

"That's the whole point," Sydney replied in her follow-up video. "The whole point was, they're trying to flirt with me and I don't want it."

She added that because they see the "hickeys" on her neck, they think: "Oh, [she's] off the market—I don't need to correct her f**king form."

Writing for HuffPost in 2016, personal trainer and entrepreneur Percell Dugger encouraged men to stop flirting with women at the gym.

"Unfair societal norms have made it so that women have to constantly watch their backs, instead of being able to focus on having a quality experience. Whether on their morning commute, grocery shopping, or at the gym, it's rare that a woman can be unapologetically her," he wrote.

"Don't be 'that guy' who views women at the gym as an opportunity to spark your love interest. Instead, leave her alone," he concluded.

However, despite his views on the matter, Dugger also penned a separate how-to article for those still hoping to start a gym romance.

In that piece, he recommended that men dress well and avoid lingering for too long when saying hello. He also urged men to "NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES BE CREEPY."

"Don't stare at her or watch her workout. Don't invite yourself to her personal space. DO NOT OFFER TO SPOT HER, unless she asks you for help, or is about to die. Leave her alone. She doesn't need your assistance," Dugger said.

"Don't assume that because she's a woman, she doesn't know what she's doing. It's sexist and a sure fire way to get rejected," he continued.

In the comments section of Sydney's video, many viewers shared that they loved the hack, but were disappointed that it was necessary.

"That's legitimately genius," said L.

Arlo replied: "Might have to try this one."

"1. That's hella creative, 2. I absolutely with all my heart hate that you had to go to that length to get men to not give unsolicited advice," wrote Jay Velasquez.

DJ Squirrel commented: "It's sad that you actually have to find ways to get people to leave you alone when it should just be default."

Erik Lidgren added: "It's weird that the same people who notice the hickeys are the same people who don't notice that you wear headphones and don't want/need their 'help.'"

"Modern problems require modern solutions," said John Holdren.

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Online commenters have admitted to being impressed by one woman’s now-viral hack that purportedly stops men from approaching women at the gym. Many commenters applauded her hack but were disappointed the woman had to resort to the hack. champlifezy@gmail.com/istock