TikToks Show Two Women Getting Arrested for Assaulting an Airline Employee

Viral Tiktoks show a pair of women who were arrested at the Fort Lauderdale–Hollywood International Airport for allegedly assaulting an airline employee. The video was filmed in November, but posted only recently. Some people have shared them in connection with the Capitol riots, but as it was filmed in November, there is no connection to last week's incident in Washington D.C.

TikTok user @yungxleen shared a pair of videos on her account that she says were taken in November, showing two screaming women being handcuffed and escorted (or in one case, carried) out of the building.

One video shows three police officers carrying a woman with short hair, dressed in black, while screaming through a face mask. The other video, seemingly filmed before the first, shows police guiding children away from the women. It then shows police forcibly escorting a handcuffed woman in gray out of the airport. It also shows when they lifted the woman in black. The first video has the text "some crazy [s**t] we saw when we landed in [Florida]," and the latter has "this was crazy seeing right when we landed" displayed on screen.

In the second video, someone off camera asks about what will happen to the children with them, but the officer says that they have the situation under control. The woman in black also appears to ask about her children, but it's very difficult to hear.

In a direct message to Newsweek, @yungxleen wrote that she started filming at the woman's request. "I heard lots of screaming, and the ladies who were being arrested actually asked a lot of us to record, so we can send it to them," she wrote. "I sent it to them when it first happened, and she responded at like 3am the next day saying she got out since they arrested her."

The two videos have received over 6 million combined views. The user reposted the first video with the context that it was filmed in November, seemingly due to others sharing it and implying that the women in the video were present at the invasion at the Capitol last Wednesday, but those are false. The TikTok user also told Newsweek that the women weren't involved in the D.C. riot.

"[I]t has nothing to do with the captiol [sic]," she wrote in the onscreen text. "[P]eople around us were saying that they didnt [sic] wear masks and assaulted a flight attendant."

In an affidavit received by Newsweek, one of the women was being arrested for battery, because she "did intentionally strike or touch [the victim] against her will." Resisting an officer is also included in the charges. In the affidavit for the other woman, she was charged with battery on an officer for grabbing the officer's arm while he was arresting the first woman.

In another video, the TikTokker described the experience from her perspective, saying that she only knew what happened, because other onlookers that had been on the women's flight told her. "My friends and I landed in this airport in Fort Lauderdale. We were getting our bags, and we heard a lot of screaming and yelling and whatnot. When we saw what was happening, we were asking around, cause this looks super-alarming to a lot of people obviously, and a lot of people had said that they assaulted an airline worker. So they were being arrested when they got off their own flight. They were not on our flight; so I'm not 100 percent sure what happened," she said.

Onscreen text also indicated that others had told her that the women were not wearing masks.

She continued, saying that she wasn't sure what happened to the kids who were with the women, but made it sound like they were safe and sound. "I'm not sure what happened to the children. I think they were kept with someone else that was there with them, but I do know that they got out of custody within a couple hours of the next day," she said.

TikTok Video Women Arrested Florida Airport
In a screenshot of the TikTok, the two women are shown handcuffed by police officers. Screenshot/TikTok