Man Shares 'Time Capsule' Yearbook From 1964 Belonging to Popular Girl

A man has unearthed a vintage yearbook from 1964, which he likened to a time capsule as he showed the internet its heartfelt messages and photos.

Billy Holt headed to an estate sale with his partner, Sean, when they came across a rare gem.

Holt uncovered a yearbook for Staples High School, in Westport, Connecticut, dating back to the 1960s.

Holt shared clips on his TikTok and Instagram as he flicked through the pages, captioning one post: "I found this vintage yearbook at an estate sale from 1964. It's always so precious to unbox history & appreciate someone's abandoned memories."

The black-and-white book starts with a message from the principal, Stanley H. Lorenzen, who had led the school for at least 10 years.

An online yearbook lists Lorenzen at the principal in 1954, with his message reading: "The Class of 1954 Though our association has been of short duration, I have been extremely gratified to find myself knowing and respecting more and more of you.

"You are setting a fine example for those who follow you, and thereby paying tribute to the fine man who was your leader for your first two years. Your warm, friendly reception upon my arrival made it easy and pleasant to lose myself in the job of being your principal. My best wishes go with you wherever and whenever you may pick up this book to renew old memories."

His message to students a decade later is fairly similar, as he said: "In the years to come you will look through this book [again] and again. Each time it will be like reviewing old acquaintances... May the memories it brings be warm ones, pleasant ones.... Most of all may you have the feeling that Staples [prepared] you well for life."

Holt flicked through the book, showing off numerous hand-written messages students had written over their photos for the owner, a girl named Connie.

He later added: "She was clearly super popular."

Holt paused over some of the notes, with one reading: "Connie, remember our Spanish class with Mrs. Nolan and best of luck in the future. Alex."

While another, more personal message, said: "Con—what can I say in a yearbook. I hope you know how much your friendship has meant to me, all our talks and the wonderful times we've had, especially with T.A. Hope everything works for you two. The best of everything to a wonderful girl. Love, luck and my sincerest best wishes, keep in touch. Always, Sue."

Photos show the junior class, the cross country team, varsity field hockey and junior varsity field hockey team.

It seems students also put on a play, called The Madwoman of Chaillot, with photos showing them in costumes.

Speaking about the book in the video, posted earlier this month, Holt said: "At the last estate sale Sean and I went to, we found this vintage yearbook from 1964. And we cannot get over how cool it was to see this time capsule with these personal notes on the inside. Clearly you could see the owner of this yearbook, her name was Connie, was very popular."

The clip was viewed more than 100,000 times, as people gushed over the incredible historical snapshot.

Lisbeth Janelle wrote: "This is so cool! I love going through my mom's old yearbooks. It's all in cursive too! Kids now don't even learn cursive."

Sunny joked: "Connie was an icon apparently."

Roselle Torres Schmi thought: "I love how everyone had great handwriting back then."

While Holt himself added: "The penmanship is so beautiful."

Newsweek reached out to Holt and Staples High School for comment.

Stock photo of a retro yearbook.
Stock photo of a retro yearbook. A man uncovered a yearbook dating back to 1964, which he likened to a time capsule. Comstock Images/Getty Images

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