'Catfished': Man Agrees to Watch Tinder Date's Kitten, Then Gets Ghosted

Romance in 2022 is a minefield. Modern love is an ever-changing list of dating trends for singletons to know, and more importantly, watch out for! By now, you've likely heard of "catfishing," "throuples" and "orbiting" (when you get ghosted, but for some reason they still like all of your Instagram posts).

There's even "kitten-fishing." Similar to catfishing, but with a little less deception. Whereas a catfisher will completely scam you with their profile pics, a kittenfisher is more likely to tell a white lie here and there.

Well, this man definitely got "kitten-fished," but in a whole new way. Reddit user LexB777 thought he was doing a good thing when he agreed to watch his Tinder date's pet kitten. That is, until she ghosted him mid-petsit, leaving him "bamboozled and outraged."

In a post to the subreddit r/MadeMeSmile on Monday (which can be viewed here), LexB777 said: "Girl on Tinder asked me to take care of a kitten for a week, then ghosted. I've been bamboozled and am outraged."

Fortunately, this story has a happy ending. Thanks to the video accompanying LexB777's post, we can see that he and Dwight have become the best of friends, with the post in honor of Dwight's fourth birthday.

In the video, the LexB777 explains that he'd never had a cat before, but decided that Dwight was "pretty cool." He also shared a bit more information about the tabby cat, including that he was just 3 months old when the girl left him with the Redditor.

The video also mentioned a few of Dwight's hobbies, including that he's "Enamored with drinking water from a glass" (not a bowl), "scratching up a work chair" and "vigorously attacking my hand."

Dwight is so attached to his owner that he sleeps on his chest at night and even refuses to go downstairs without him. But despite LexB777's clear devotion, it seems that Dwight is still a little bit insecure (which is unsurprising, since his last owner abandoned him).

The Redditor continued: "Problem is, cats are so needy. Seems to need pets a lot. But at least he comes when I call him (mostly)."

Luckily, his roommates seem to be OK with Dwight hanging around, as the video includes a few sweet snaps of Dwight snuggling up to his pals.

According to a study by BankMyCell, 82 percent of millennial women and 71 percent of millennial men have been ghosted by someone they matched with on a dating app. Still, the pain of being ghosted doesn't seem to stop people from doing the same to someone else, with 27 percent of women and 36 percent of men admitting to ghosting as well being ghosted.

The study also identified that the main reason 18-35-year-old daters ghost their love interests is simply not wanting to face their fears. For the women surveyed, the main reason for ghosting someone was to avoid confrontation, whereas for men, the top reason was feeling their date didn't live up to their profile pictures.

Unsurprisingly, the survey did not investigate what happens when a date ghosts you with a kitten, but it looks as though LexB777 and Dwight are meant to be!

Reddit clearly agrees. The post has over 90,000 upvotes and almost 1,400 comments from people touched by the sweet story.

New_Agent called the pair a "Perfect match."

While Prissers999 commented: "I watched the entire video and am completely enamored with Dwight. You were both meant to be together. He's a good boy."

While AccioSexLife said: "Dwight totally made the tinder profile himself and catfished this guy."

Others suggested that the disappearing date missed out on a good catch, with avaStar_kYoshi writing: "She didn't only miss out on a fantastic kitty, but any man who treats a cat that well deserves a second look. It's how I knew my husband was the one, when he would baby talk to our cats and loved them like any family member."

Acrobatic_Spend_5664 added: "Dwight is an absolute gem and dude is not hard on the eyes. That girl walked away from such a winning combo."

Dwight isn't the only cat on camera to warm Redditors hearts recently. Take a look at Beans, whose reaction to discovering the secret pet camera his owner installed had the internet rolling with laughter.

Newsweek has contacted LexB777 for comment.

Man Holding Kitten
Redditor LexB777 wasn't expecting his Tinder match to ghost him after he agreed to watch her kitten for a week. Man holding kitten in his arms. Natallia Dzenisenka/iStock/Getty Images Plus