'Tiny Pretty Things' on Netflix: Does Cassie Die and Who Pushed Her?

Tiny Pretty Things is one of Netflix's major December releases, a teen drama set in an elite ballet school so competitive and full of strong emotions that people deal with their problems with each other by pushing people off roofs. This is what happens to Cassie Shore (Anna Maiche), kicking off a mystery that plays out throughout the entire series as fans wonder exactly who it was who pushed her and whether she will survive the ordeal.

WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for the entirety of Tiny Pretty Things.

Does Cassie die in Tiny Pretty Things?

Though it is touch and go for much of the Netflix series, Cassie is still alive when the finale of the Netflix show rolls around.

By Episode 8, things are so bad that her parents even decide to take her off of life support, thinking there is no way that she will ever wake up.

However, this is then exactly what she does do. Once the plug is pulled, she miraculously starts breathing for herself, and starts to recover over the next few episodes. In the final installments of Tiny Pretty Things Season 1, she is able to spill the secrets of exactly who it was who pushed her off the roof at the season's start.

cassie pretty little things
Cassie spends most of 'Tiny Pretty Things' in a coma after getting pushed off the roof. Netflix

Who pushed Cassie off the roof in Tiny Pretty Things?

Viewers do not find who the attempted murderer is until the final episode, Episode 10.

Prior to that, however, there are plenty of red herrings like Travis (Luke Humphrey), who becomes a suspect after he confronts June (Daniela Norman) and threatens her by saying, "Get ready to end up like Cassie Shore, because trust me, I know how to make a girl quiet."

According to Cassie herself, it is Bette (Casimere Jollette) who pushed her. Previously, Bette herself thinks she may have done it, but was drunk and cannot remember much of the event.

By the finale, we see her questioned at the police station and her fingerprints getting taken, and it seems like the mystery has been solved.

However, it has not been. Bette has been framed by Cassie, who announced in a press conference that it is she who pushed her. Quite why she is framing an innocent woman is unclear, but viewers soon discover who actually did the crime.

In reality, it was actually Bette's sister Delia (Tory Trowbridge) who pushed Cassie. Delia confesses this as her sister contemplates suicide, and said her reason was that she was jealous of what Cassie had with Ramon (Bayardo De Murguia).

Of course, no sooner has this happened then Ramon himself is seen bleeding out on the floor, setting up a new mystery for Tiny Pretty Things Season 2—though one with many of the same suspects as in the Cassie case.

Netflix has not yet confirmed Tiny Pretty Things for Season 2 yet, however, and as many of the streamer's shows have ended after one season this year, another season is not a done deal yet. Fans will have to keep checking which Netflix shows are getting renewed and canceled to find out the fate of the show.

Tiny Pretty Things is streaming now on Netflix.