Tiny Puppy Noticeably 'Sad' After Fight With Sibling Breaks Hearts Online

A viral TikTok video, which features an upset puppy sulking after a fight with its sibling, has tugged at heartstrings across the internet.

The two puppies, Sasha and Sammy, appear to be looked after by the video's creator who says she's a dog foster mom in the account's bio.

While the breeds of the pooches couldn't be determined, the videos creator confirmed that they are siblings and explained in a voiceover that the pair had engaged in a little scuffle with one another.

The video creator can be heard saying: "A fight did happen between Sasha and Sammy, and [Sasha's] just so sad, you guys, I almost cried."

Stock image of two cute white fluffy puppies playing and fighting on the green grass in the park. The two puppies (not pictured) live in Houston with their foster mom. Getty Images

The video explains that Sasha had become "sad" after the fight. The puppy can be seen sulking on a chair in the corner of a room, far away from her sibling Sammy.

The pups' foster mom comforted the sulking dog by giving her one of her sweaters. The video creator's scent looks to be comforting to Sasha, whose mood visibly lifts while she snuggles into the blue fabric.

The video, which can be seen here, had been posted to the social media platform by @PawRudd on February 2. It has already received over 406,000 likes by moved audiences across TikTok.

The dogs and their foster mom look to be based in Houston, Texas.


Give sasha some love she’s sad 😭😭 #pawrudd

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How Can I Tell if My Dog Is Fighting?

While it's common for dogs to playfight, especially with their biological and adopted siblings, it can be hard to decipher whether a line has been crossed and if your pup is exhibiting visibly aggressive and concerning behavior.

The American Kennel Club writes that if your pup's body has become stiff, and the hairs on the upper back have raised, it's likely that whatever fight is going on is not just all fun and games.

Other telltale ways to spot aggression are by looking out for movements that are quick and efficient or by sighting pinned flat ears, tucked-in tails and snarling or growling.

The video's caption comically instructs TikTok users to "give Sasha some love" because she's "sad," and that's exactly what they have done. The video has already received over 800 comments from TikTok users inquiring about Sasha's welfare.

One user wrote: "Sammy better say sorry right now!"

"Need an update. I can't sleep till I know they made up," another TikTok user commented.

"Awww poor baby," said a third user.

"She's got big big big feelings. Bless that baby," a different TikTok user posted.

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