'Titans' Season 2: Comic Creator Marv Wolfman 'Will Be Happy,' Says Geoff Johns

Titans has already been renewed for Season 2 on DC Universe. The series, in the works for seven years, already has a story and new characters mapped out for next season.

"We know Season 2 already," series co-creator Geoff Johns said at the Titans premiere Wednesday. "We know all the characters. We know the story. Marv Wolfman will be very happy when we do Season 2. There are some stories in the books that will appear in Season 2."

Johns calls Titans a "big responsibility" as the first series to premiere on DC Universe.

"Because it's Titans, the first show in DC universe, we wanted to do something different with Marv's material. Marv is pushing the envelope when he did Titans with George [Perez] in the 80s. We wanted to do something different than we've ever done before."

Writer-producer Akiva Goldsman spoke about the importance of differentiating Titans from other DC TV shows and movies.

"It required a tone that was neither as welcoming as the current DC television shows or as nihilistic as some of the movies, said Goldsman. "We really wanted it to be its own thing and it found its way."

Hype for Titans started during San Diego Comic-Con, when the first trailer revealed Dick Grayson (Robin) saying, "Fuck Batman." The context of that message was poorly received, but Johns isn't bothered.

"The context of that line is polarizing, which was good because I wanted people to talk about it. But it says a lot about where this version of Dick Grayson is."

Titans premieres on DC Universe Oct. 12.