Today in Tabs: The Jacobin Kerfuffle

A British Turing Bombe machine is seen functioning in Bletchley Park Museum in Bletchley, central England on Sept. 6, 2006. Alessia Pierdomenico/Reuters

As much as we all might wish a "Jacobin kerfuffle" were a delicious dessert, it is not, and yesterday's Jacobin kerfuffle has brought responses flying in from left and, well, further left. First, if I may correct my own error, I said that "Frost later writes 'Give me a card-carrying brocialist over one of these oily "allies" any day,'" when in fact that line appeared one sentence before the link to Sarah Kendzior's tweet that put this kerfuffle in the oven to begin with. If that changes your interpretation, I apologize for steering you wrong yesterday. Also, you should read the tabs for yourselves, because I am not only nine feet tall and made of pure diamond, but I also occasionally make a mistake, like any Diamond Giant might. Also, Salon assistant politics editor Elias Isquith posted a blog entry emphasizing that "sending that first tweet was a stupid and glib thing to do" and that he in no way intended to make light of the matter at hand, and apologizes for inadvertently seeming to do so.

Which brings us to Megan Erickson, the Jacobin editor most enthusiastic in her defense of the piece, not that the bar for that was very high. Erickson wrote in to Newsweek to say that she believes I mischaracterized both her statements and Jacobin's position, ending with "If this goes uncorrected, I will not hesitate to seek legal action for libel."

I believe my quotes are accurate, and that since they are all linked directly to the public source materials I quoted from, the reader is free to investigate and decide whether my view is correct or not. I believe my opinion is clearly stated as opinion. So by way of response, I would only point out that Jacobin Magazine's "About" page literally says:

If you would like to support the Jacobin Magazine Legal Education Fund, they accept donations here.

Today in 1752: Ben Franklin famously flies a kite during a thunderstorm. Kite fun for kids:

— National Museum of American History (@amhistorymuseum) June 10, 2014

I didn't realize this yesterday but the Turing Test chatbot story is just more Kevin Warwick nonsense. GlobalPost shows how totally unconvincing the chatbot is, and Gary Marcus, in The New Yorker, takes it more seriously than it deserves to be taken but does correct a lot of the misinformation being spread about what the thing actually is. TechDirt finally explains why it is a total garbage non-story, introduces what appears to be a whole new generation of credulous tech reporters to the skepticism-devouring cyborg that is Kevin Warwick, and wraps it up with a lovely shame-parade of links from news orgs who should know better.

Today in Yes or No: Yes: Cord Jefferson in (the newly re-launched) Matter, on The Racism Beat. No: Short suits. Yes: Kelly Faircloth exposing the Jolly Rancher scented lie at the heart of the lady razor business. No: James Franco is like Brett Easton Ellis if Brett Easton Ellis was was a Brett Easton Ellis character and had literally no soul or awareness that other human beings actually exist. Yes: Taylor Swift needlepoint. No: Waiting in line for a dumb hamburger when Hill Country brisket is right the hell next door. Yes: Dan Kois stood up for a whole month. I mean no on the standing but yes on the tab. No: Stupid stupid stupid love locks. Come on people knock it off. Yes: outstanding blogging here by Mark Berman. No: this dog. No no no no no. No.


Important Data Journalism by @buster

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~If this goes uncorrected, I will not hesitate to seek legal action for tabs~

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