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Her the movie
The dude critics love the movie "Her" to death, Maria Bustillos maybe not so much.

Welcome to Tabs, coming to you today from deep inside my lower intestine, as I have at this point climbed completely up my own ass and disappeared.

So what the hell happened yesterday? Caroline O'Donovan posted a relatively innocuous profile of Tabs on Nieman Labs, which should have been read by a dozen journalism insiders and then forgotten. But Guardian reporter and social media cautionary tale Heidi Moore took umbrage on Twitter, claiming that this tweet from September meant she had invented the whole idea of Today in Tabs and deserved "credit." I was puzzled, but some hours later someone showed me this piece, also on Nieman, from the 14th, which includes that very same Twitter thread from September and makes it clear that Moore's "idea" is not anything like Today in Tabs, which presumably she doesn't know and I certainly didn't either. In the meantime, the full moon had already driven journo-Twitter into a full blown rage blackout which, thankfully, distracted everyone from what a jackass I sound like in the kicker of the original profile. Steven Perlberg did a shade-tastic writeup in Business Insider, Gawker capped things off with a stellar Angry Birds segment, I got a ton of new subscribers and a lot more attention than any of this deserved, and all is for the best in this best of all possible worlds.

But enough about me, let's talk about "Her." The dude critics love it to death, Maria Bustillos maybe not so much, and Leah Reich points out that despite the name, "Her" isn't interested in women at all. But whatever because Jamba Juice! No blue! Omg so amazing!

TechCrunch brings us FrontBack's head of marketing Spencer Chen who helpfully explains that convention booth babes are a bad idea because they're lazy. Have fun with that tab.

Today in Dads.

The Aereo case is going to the Supreme Court, which should be of great interest to both tech and media people.

This tiny camera drone is not creepy at all really. Path got hacked, which I guess counts as gaining a user so congrats. Internet clown-car Yahoo! is in the news again, this time for the ice-cold way Marissa Mayer fired her COO in a company-wide memo. I looked for the story on Yahoo! tech but they had bigger fish to fry. HP is getting back into the smartphone game with the "VoiceTab" (lol), which is either an awkwardly huge phone or a uselessly small tablet, but it will at least allow you to check your "maill". #Riccing argh make it stop. Charlie Warzel continues his in-depth Twitter reporting. Do you want to know how to make cocaine? Žižek's Jokes, coming in March. I want to be better than this, but I'll probably buy it. Emoji in real life is NOT OK.

Poverty Mapped. Solitude Embraced. Time Specified. Lunch Made. Whores Listed.

Today's Song: Petrojvic Blasting Company, "Princess Andy" Today's Best Comment Thread: Cocktail or sexual position?

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